Harry’s Law ~ Week of 4/8/12

I just loved this episode tonight. I was so sure that Ollie and Phoebe, which I must have missed how he was working with Ollie, were going to lose the case. I was shocked they came back with not guilty. I really liked how smart the teenage girl was. Had a great head on her shoulders. I love how Cuickshank is and when Phoebe winked at him I thought he’s gonna go out of his mind. I think he could be a little kinky. But what a good person to have working with Roseanna And Harry was just too much this episode. I love how she is with Sam and here’s another one that I was sure she was going to lose. But Chunuha, Cassie and and Lisa have all got great bodies and legs for days. I loved every one of them and when Harry told Tommy’s girlfriend he’s doing it because she’s the boss I loved it. I thought he was going to blow it for them but making it look like a bribe. The dance with Cassie and Ollie was real good. Good show. You know I wish the would bring Damien back on. Remember he was the guy in the hood who helped her. Would be nice. Malcom and Jenna I don’t miss at all. Great show.

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2 thoughts on “Harry’s Law ~ Week of 4/8/12

  1. It was such a good show. I loved harry and all the people in her firm were terrific. I loved ollie and cassies dance. And chinwa …who woulda thunk … so glad they won and i guess phoebe is goinging to be in the picture from now on. I really like her. Yes when she winked at that weirdo d.a. i thought he was going to lose it. Didvyou notice harry opened that beer on the edge of the counter in the office kitchen. So unladylike and so harry. Loved it all…..

    1. LOL yup…she is one of a kind. Do you know she’s going to be on 2 1/2 Men the 30th. She is going to be like a ghost of Charley Sheen I think.

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