Harry’s Law ~ Week of 4/29/12

I loved how they brought Nance Grace on and said they should have a show on at 8 pm called Harry’s Law. Brilliant. And I Sam and Cruickshank are two of the best characters on this show. Ollie sure did make a mess with Cassie in the bar and I’m so glad that she got the guy to say what Cecilia did to him and that it was the same as Alden. I’m glad they found out that she drugged them. This was a perfect case for Ollie and Tommy to be on. And then Tommy making that video. Was perfect and to do that against his girlfriend. Such good writing. I really enjoy how he is being with Cassie after she came on to him last week. He’s avoiding her like the plague. Harry with the judge on the band murder was spot on and Sam asking her out on a date after that. I think they would make a good couple actually. Harry is just a cranky old woman LOL But I love her. Great show again this week.

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2 thoughts on “Harry’s Law ~ Week of 4/29/12

  1. i slept through a lot of the show but loved everything i saw. Yes i love sam too. I cant see him ans harry as a couple butbi hope they keep him on the show. He ‘s a good character. Cruickshank is a strane ranger and i dont like him except that he a good foil for harry and the team. Glad they got the band off and especially theblittle wimp harry defended. Love howvthey have been ending the show with her and tommy (who is my fave) having a toddy together. I still think phoebe and ferret faced adam could be a couple but with david kelly you never know what will happen. Missed nancy grace…zzzzzzz… lol. She used to be my favorite but after a while she got on my last nerve so i am not so crazy about her anymore…. always a good show.

    1. I don’t suppose it dawned on you to watch it through the taping that your DVR did? LOL Yeah the more I thought about it I don’t think Harry and Sam would make a good couple either. I do think Adam and Phoebe would however.

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