Harry’s Law ~ Week of 4/22/12

Well I was glad to see Adam working with Phoebe and I hope she comes to Harry’s firm. Speaking of that I was glad at the end when Harry asked Tommy to merge their firms it was so good. Tommy’s answer was priceless and of course Harry didn’t get to hear it. I really enjoyed Adam for a change. His closing on that case was perfect and I’m glad that chick only had to pay out 120K. She just loved the lime light and you could tell. I’ve never thought about being sequestered in a jury panel like that and what emotional feelings you might suffer. I’m glad they brought that up and you know this is going to resurface. Loved the use of the iPads and Skype especially with Cassie involved in them both talking in not so good of light about Harry. It was good. And I loved when Cassie pretended to come on Tommy. Harry You coming? Tommy No, I’m mean yes and then hiding himself behind the briefcase. So good. Great Show. Ratings might have been flat but it still maintained.

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2 thoughts on “Harry’s Law ~ Week of 4/22/12

  1. I agree with everything you said about the show. It was good. I thought the end with harry inviting tommy in to the firm was priceless. Harry can be so hardboiled and tommy was about to break down…lol. yes adam was sooooo good and i hope phoebe will come in to the firm too. She is cute and do you think she and weasly little adam could be a couple??? They dont fit somehow. I like cassie and ollie real well and all that with the two way computer was hilarious. Great show and only 3 shows left in this season.

    1. Adam is so wimpish that there really isn’t any woman that he would be good with but I think they would make it as a couple. She just seems more right for him than any he has connected with on the show.

      I’m encouraged by this not only for Fringe but for Harry’s Law:

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