Harry’s Law ~ Week of 11/7/11

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OMG When Harry got arrested and called that cop Barney and then said that Oliver got his ass kicked by Dougie Howser I just about died. I knew that young kid attorney would come up with some pretty good stuff and I thought it was pretty cool that Harry said when he grows up to come and see her. Chinuah was back. Good to see her. She’s real pretty. And I’m sure you noticed that the husband was Roland from Army Wives and what a case that was. I am glad that judge ordered the way she did and with the birth mom crying at the end was just the right touch. If I was the birth parent and saw what I did I think I would just give up my claim and let it happen what happens. Good show and it was up in the ratings.

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3 thoughts on “Harry’s Law ~ Week of 11/7/11

  1. i have to say i thought this show was a bit preachy… but i loved those funny small town homespun people (and norm is HUGE) and how harry was with them. i would love it if “doogie” joined the firm, but i think the team is getting too big. i thought the chinese adoption story was really moving tho and i loved the judge. that little adam is such an odd little duck and i thought he did a good job too. and imagine them bringing chinwa back again. maybe this will be the start of something big, but adam lost so maybe she will be pissed… LOL LOL. as usual harry was so good but i hope they dont keep getting on the political soapbox again like they did tonite. i am sooooooooo sick of all of it i dont want to hear it….

  2. I don’t think that it was preachy about politics. Maybe about the consitution but I liked it myself seeing the difference of opinions. I agree with you about the firm being too big. Maybe he might come back if one of the current don’t stay on but other than that. Chinuah I don’t think they will bring her back permanently either again because the cast is already big. Who knows. One of my favorite shows.

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