Harry’s Law ~ Week of 1/12/11

First of all I can’t believe they are moving this to Sunday. I’m going to have to switch my days off to Sunday Monday as Sunday is becoming a night that I am going to have tons to record. Damnit. I hope that this isn’t the last until then but it sure did sound like it. Wow Damon (AMC). He still looks the same if you ask me. The thing I’m so liking about Harry’s Law this year is that they are leaving it so open for so many shows to be revisited for some reason. And I love Rosanna. This is one of Jean Smart’s best characters ever. Even over 24 I think. That case with the twins was just too much. I felt sorry for Ollie losing and Tommy also. They both aren’t on that end of the stick most of the time if you ask me. The judge I like as well..the one on Jimmy’s case. She was the same one with the baby that the real parents wanted to take him back and she ruled in favor of the adoptive parents. She is good and Harry made a good argument and I thought that she would rule in favor of him but I guess not. I think the twins were lying and I loved how Rosanna questioned them. She just pushes every ones buttons. Great show.

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7 thoughts on “Harry’s Law ~ Week of 1/12/11

  1. Well this was a very great show. Loved our little guy from AMC…. he is a good actor and I’ll bet you some day he will make it big. I felt so bad that he lost in court. I agree with you that he could come back for another show especially since he and Harry were so fond of each other at the end… loved their relationship at the end. Those twins i didn’t like and felt they were guilty. That rosanna is such sn opposite to Harry and adds so much. I hope the show isn’t going to be off until march..but Sunday shouldnnt be too bad… great show…..

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