Grimm ~ Week of 5/6/12

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I loved how involved Monroe was this week. I’m so glad that the psychiatrist didn’t take him out and poor Hank….he knows what he saw and Nick is doing his damnest to steer him in another direction. But from the previews it looks like Nick’s secret comes out. Juliette knows she is on to something as well. I’m not thinking she is one of them any longer. I just think it is going to have to do with Hank telling her that he is a Grimm. I felt so bad for Monroe when the first guy died and how he took the dogs away from his house. Then going to see is other friend at that Tavern and them discussing all their friends. Was good. I thought when the psychiatrist was in the theatre that it was going to be Juliette that he had. Glad it wasn’t however. Can’t wait for next week already but I’m not watching this next season because of NBC canceling Harry’s Law. And by the way I’m not watching America’s Got Talent because of the same reason.

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