Grimm ~ Week of 4/8/12

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I loved the fight between Adalind and Nick. I thought it was excellent and now I guess we know that the key his aunt gave him is what the Captain is after and I guess we know what a grimm can do to them with his blood. I don’t know if that would happen to all of them but I really liked how they did it. And how her spirit left was especially cool. The mom, who I know I should know where I’ve seen her before, was as nasty as the captain. I loved how Adalind reacted when she knew she was just normal and loved the slap across the face. Monroe was just on it last night. When Rosalee woke him up when she found the antidote, the way he behaved was priceless and when they were entering the apartment and he was worried about them having sex and he said let me think about it for a second and a second went by and he said I thought about it. Too good. He was also good when Nick left and he wanted to go with them. I loved also how they antidote had to be given up the nose and Wu was sooooo good. Eating all that shit and then worrying about being in his underwear and covering up was just too good. Eating that carpet and then spitting it out. One of the best episodes in a couple of weeks. I was wondering how they were going to cure Hank with that nose deal but they did it so well they didn’t need to do it. At least the ratings were up a little.

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The mom is Jessica Tuck. We seen her on some shows we’ve watched:

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  1. What a good show… they were all good. I just love rosalee and monroe and the tea shop. All her recipes are good too.of course monroe is my fave..thinking about the sex thing was so monroe. Wasnt that fight between nick and adelind was just wonderful.loved how that spirit left her and now she is just normal like everyone else. I almost felt sorry for her when that mother slapped her. And she is sure a mean mom thats for sure. She loves the cap’n too but he could care less….lol lol… nick sure looked beat up.. i dont know how much longer nick can go without telling her something. It ws such a good show. Now we know what the cap’n is after and nick jnows it too. It gets better and better.

    1. I agree with you about almost feeling sorry for Adalind. So did I. This show is getting much much better. Besides Jack and Karen Will and Grace, Monroe is right there with them as my all time favorite character on TV

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