Grimm ~ Week of 4/22/12

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I can’t wait to see this dineer and see if Monroe brings out anything that we are waiting to see from Juliette.

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I thought the show was very well done and I’m so getting into this more and more. I love how the dinner went with Monoroe, Juliette and Nick. I was sure that they were going to bring that up again between Juliette and Nick but I guess I was wrong. Wonder if she knows if they were lying or not. I still say there is more to her than they are leading us on. And then the gifts that the beavers sent them was so cool. I like how they are brining them back, other creatures, and Nick is helping them. He and Monroe were again so good in the beginning when they were practicing with all the tools. And two reapers. I’m glad they had them on finally and then for Monoroe to behead the other one after Nick killed the first one? Awesome and it showed another side of Monroe and why I like him so well. I’m digging that Nick is really coming into his own with being a Grimm. What I couldn’t figure out however, is how they new where to send the two heads, but who cares. They got their message across. Good episode.

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2 thoughts on “Grimm ~ Week of 4/22/12

  1. I forgot to leave a comment last night after i watched the show. It was a great show and i like it more every week. I loved all the biebers or whatever they were at the “lodge” meeting. I was hoping it would show ALL of them with their alternate faces on but i read this morning in the paper that it took 6 HOURS to do monroes face and then they did something so they can transpose that face every time it is needed. Loved the dinner with monroe. Juliet asked sooooo many questions.. i think there is more to her than meets the eye. So good they brought bud back and when all the kind monsters brought nick and juliet all that stuff it was great. The reapers with those scythes were nasty but there is always a bit of humor on this show like having the reapers weapons be scythes. And did you notice sal’s speech impediment??? Hysterical.hard to take someone serious who talks like elmer fudd. They are really hittting their stride now and it is great….

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