Grimm ~ Week of 4/15/12

I’m thrilled about this. Rosalee is getting promoted to series regular. Yeah!!!! I can’t wait to see what they do with her and Monoroe. Congratulations Bree Turner:

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I think this again was an excellent show this week and we are getting more into where I think they want to carry this show. Nick having a dilema as to what to do as a cop versus him being a Grimm. I loved the decision he had to make at the end with Ian and I think it was so appropriate. Then there is the captain and him being more involved with this whole thing than we really know. It was so good seeing Hank back to normal and him addressing what happened with Adalind and saying two strangers where there when he woke up. It was perfect. And I like how Rosalee knows things that Monroe doesn’t and how they work with each other. What a twist to have Ian be a former love of Rosalee and then seeing Monroe go through some jealousy. It was so good. I felt bad for the photographer when he got killed but he was smart enough to leave a message for Rosalee. I can’t imagine what they are going to do with Nick now that he has helped his friends first and put his job second and went against everything he so far to date has stood for. It also makes me wonder if they are going to make him a good Grimm with all these characters or not. One thing I’m not liking is him and Juliette. I mean she turned him down when he proposed and this episode it looks like nothing is wrong. Something has to give with that woman. Ratings were down. That’s too bad but at least it’s already renewed.

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6 thoughts on “Grimm ~ Week of 4/15/12

  1. This was a good show. I loved that rosalee and monroe were front and center. I like them so much and was hoping they would swap spit or hold hands or something after ian left. But no such luck. The tea shop is a great addition to the story and i love it when nick goes to that crappy little trailer and goes through his aunts stuff. The capn is getting more involved and i think it adds to his persona not to switch to a monster what control he has. I agree that juliet doesnt fit in. They just gloss over the fact she doesnt want to marry nick. I still think maybe there is more to her than meets the eye so far. I am glad the show is renewed and dont understand why more people dont watch. I love it

    1. You are so right about the captain. I don’t want them swapping spit this soon. I want them to build up to it. Did you read the article above about Rosalee? I guess not. She’s a series regular next season. :)

  2. I read about her just now and am soooo happy she is going to be a regular. On the other hand they could dump juliet and it wouldnt bother me a bit……..unless she is really one of “them but wouldnt that make nick her enemy?????

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