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  1. If memory serves me right we were wondering if juliette could be one of THEM.. looks like that may happen.that’s the only way he is going to be able to stay with her….’

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    I know you don’t like Nick and think he’s a crappy boyfriend to Juliette but you have to remember he’s a cop. And with Nick flashing back to his aunt saying he has to leave her I don’t think they are going to be together much longer. You could be right, she could be a grimm or something else and Nick just doesn’t know it yet, like he doesn’t the captain. Ariel was a piece of work I tell you and this was one of my favorite episodes. I really liked all the copper stuff and the fire breathing dragons. Monore when he was at the club I thought was pretty good. And when he started up that old train car and gave Nick some history first and then went into reverse I thought it was real good. He also said he needed a lance and wouldn’t you know Nick would get the father with one. I think every week they are getting closer to having more people find out what Nick really is and what he can see in all these people. Of course when Monroe mentioned the decapitation of a grimm that’s another indication that we are getting closer to finding out more about Nick’s past. Good episode.

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  3. I thought this was a good show. Monroe was in it a lot and that is one reason i liked it. Cant warn up to Juliette however. I just don’t like that chick. I kept thinking when she and nick were in the car her face would change… lol. Shows you what i know. Thought it was good when they dredged up the aunt to warn nick about Juliette. And did you see those cops all put vicks under their noses to cut the smell of the burned bodies? That was good. Looks like we aren’t done with Ariel yet either. Good show….

    1. Yup I’m sure that’s why they put vicks under their noses LOL I forgot to mention yup we aren’t done with Ariel…but she along with many others we might not be done with.

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