Grimm ~ Week of 3/25/12

I so like Sgt. Wu. I can’t wait to see what happens to him.

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Monroe is without a doubt my favorite character on this show. He’s among my all time favorites.

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OMG Sgt. Wu I felt so bad for him and couldn’t figure out why the same thing didn’t happen to Hank but they cleverly handled that with Rosalee saying that these are made for specific people and Hank was the one Adalind made that for so it goes to figure poor Sgt. Wu would suffer. And then after he is given the remedy he starts eating his couch? I thought that was pretty good because you would think he was a-okay after the antidote was given to him. It’s going to be interesting to see where they are going to go with him. Poor Hank being the target of the Captain and Adalind to get to Nick. I loved the dream sequences he had and they are so making him fall for her with that concoction she made up. You can tell the Captain is in on it when he let’s Nick leave after Hank admits he made a mistake. And what’s up with Juliette? She is one ace of a shooter and she sure is getting suspicious of Nick especially with the refrigerator repairman coming back into the picture. I think there is more to her character than meets the eye myself. And I love how Monore and Rosalee befriended each other and I think this could be a love interest in the works. I would love to see that. I’m beginning to like this show more and more as it goes on. Fringe ratings go up and this goes down. Doesn’t make sense.

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2 thoughts on “Grimm ~ Week of 3/25/12

  1. I think that blond girl is scary looking. I used to think she was pretty but not anymore. And there HAS TO BE more to juliet than meets the eye. I have always thought she could be one ofTHEM and can control her face like the lieutenant can. Poor wu. I feel bad for him and hope he survives. More than anything i want monroe and rosalee to become a romantic duo. They were so good on this show and the tea shop could easily be a good part of the show, but i watched the previews of next week and i think they aren’t on. This show is getting better all the time and i am tryingNOT to think about ratings…..

    1. I agree about Rosalee and Monroe. Adalind I don’t think is scary looking…just a typical blonde if you ask me LOL I’m so with you on Juliette.

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