Grimm ~ Week of 2/27/12

 From TVGuide Grimm Exclusive First Look: Nick Uncovers More of His Past

Ma this is from a friend of mine. How could we have forgotten this? CRS I tell ya:

My fingers were just itching the other day to yell (about Grimm), “No, Nick didn’t get a chance to propose in the 1st episode because the Aunt came crashing in…then she told him NOT to marry someone and drag her into the family mess!” On a side note, I contemplated the Capt. being an angel…of perhaps the not so squeaky clean variety

Thanks Kim for the info!

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  1. LOL Welcome to the club

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    As the woman said that wrote the recap for Buddy TV, she was disappointed that there wasn’t any continuation of of Nick and Juliet and Monroe had a very little part. I have to agree with that. I am glad however, that we got some back information on Nick’s parents and his Aunt Marie. And I also liked that we are starting to get some back story on the Captain. Now you tell me why a Captain has to meet with the Mayor. I thought that would be the Chief, so I guess I’m being picky. I also agree with the writer about the ending. I don’t like that they made Hitler be a Wesen. I guess it’s just TV and we are suppose to live with it. Juliet did seem real distant to Nick this week and Hank…wow he was going off in the beginning and I’m chalking that up to the damn coins that made him like that. I felt so bad for the coroner when she got beat up. She adds just the right amount of flare to the show. Sure was different this week I have to say.

    The ratings were up fro Grimm this week which is good news.

    From Zap 2 It ‘Grimm’: ‘Dexter’ star David Zayas lands guest spot

  2. This was a very good show. All our shows are really picking up. It was great finding out more about nicks family and the old aunt. Those coins must be a pretty important part of all this and now nick has them. I don’t blame Juliet one bit for being detached from nick either. He is a HORRIBLE boyfriend…..the captain must be a biggie in the scheme of things with the monsters. They seem to be involving Hitler and the third Reich etc and i hope they stop that. I know Hitler was a monster but the less said about him the better as far as i am concerned. The previews show Juliet in trouble next week. Do you think she could be one of THEM and not show her monster face like the captain never does? I don’t know how nick will ever be able to explain everything to her unless she is one of them……just a thought! !!! Great show

    1. You could be right about Juliet. And like the Captain, they haven’t been provoked to show their other side. Good possibility. Yeah I didn’t like that ending with Hitler. I wanted it to be the coins on his jacket.

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