Grimm ~ Week of 1/9/12

Well I enjoyed this show and I just love Monroe and I’m glad he shot the ogre. They are leaving this one wide open for a reappearance of something also. I felt so bad for Juliette and she was so brave with Nick and then losing it when she got into the house was just perfect. Hank sure did feel some guilt. I loved how Monroe went off on the watch and then the trailer. I’m thinking that sooner or later Nick is going to have to open up to both Hank and Juliette. It amazes me that the Captain hasn’t shown his true colors. He must know something is up because of the elephant gun. Good show.

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2 thoughts on “Grimm ~ Week of 1/9/12

  1. I love Monroe on this show. He wax a perfect cast for the character he plays. Yes i wad very proud of Juliette too.loved her throwing the hot water in gbr ogres face. Pretty brave like you say. That shotgun is beautiful i thought. I think too that nick is going to have to tell hank and the chick too.and i wonder too why nick cant see the lieutenant in his monster face. Poor Monroe having to shoot the ogre. . Well the shotgun will come into play again that’s for sure. Good show!!

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