Grimm ~ Week of 12/5/11

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Those rats were disgusting eating that professor in the car. And that chick that does the autopsy’s so gets into it. She reminds me of Max on H50. LOL I knew the DJ and the father were going to be enemies of Nick. I hope one of these days that they get more into what Grimm and the mythological characters are all about (more than what his aunt told him). I just love Monroe, the Blutbad, on this show. He is so carefree basically and just does what he sees fit. I’m glad that he is a major character. One thing that I’m stymied (sp) about is the Captain. If he is one against Nick why can’t Nick see him change into something. And the blonde chick I think is luring Hank into a trap on orders of the Captain. I also really like Sgt. Wu. He is so prissy and bossy. Fits in rather well. I think Nicks girlfriend might starting to think twice about Nick also because of the plumber…they did him just right if you ask me. Another episode tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Grimm ~ Week of 12/5/11

  1. Sickening, disgusting and revolting… all those rats! And i have to say i think Grimm’s girlfriend is the strangest looking duck i have seen in quite a while. She has got to start putting 2 and2 together about her squeeze. I so agree with you about the captain being able to keep Grimm from finding out he is one of the creatures. And hank better watch out with that Blondel. She could sunk those choppers on his neck in a heartbeat.. i like ghat medical examiner too.she is Mac on 50.. lastly even tho rat boy was treated badly bu those shitty kids he was not a sympathetic character k didn’t think

    1. You are so right about rat boy…very unsympathetic character. I also forgot to mention that pizza with the rat in it at the end. Old Nick got the best of Hank I tell ya.

      FRIDAY: Well I felt sorry for Monroe. He was very torn with Angelina. I think he still loves her and I bet she is going to make a return visit to the show myself. The love juices flowing in the park was something else. Dirty, as in actual dirt, but I think it fit so well. Very animalistic if you ask me. That Sgt. Wu and his comments just slay me. I like his character. I so liked Hap especially in the beginning to those damn exercises with a ciggy in his mouth and then worrying about all his shit that really doesn’t matter. What a great character he was. The cop that got arrested that was a pig was disgusting in that tub of mud but again they did it good. I was sad just he got arrested. I thought for sure that he and Angelina were going to both die.

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