4 thoughts on “Grimm ~ Week of 11/11/2

  1. well this was the last show until 2013… and it was good!!! i hope you can get it. monroe had a HUGE part this week and hank didnt. i dont want to give away anything. it was a real cliffhanger…

    1. Well I got to watch it this morning and it was good. I just love Monroe and was so glad he had a huge part in the ending. He sure as hell was confused and didn’t want to tell Nick about Juliette but I’m glad he did. And I also liked how he was nice to Juliette as well. She sure did get a surly attitude after she and Nick talked. If I was Nick I would have told her this is my house pack your bags LOL And when Nick and Monroe took care of the beasts and he said oh sure give me the murder weapon LOL I about died even the way he held it behind his back. Boy Adlind is a piece of work. I like her however and she sure does have Sean by the gonads. And Nick’s look was priceless when he saw him on the TV … it was about time Monroe realized who he was. I can’t remember who killed her mom however. I’ve racked my brains and can’t come up with it. Poor Hank has gotten the shit beat out of him more times than I can count on this show. I can’t figure out where they are going to go with the show. If Nick keeps the key they could certainly go on with that and he is already going to be pissed at Sean for locking lips with Juliette so the part about him being a prince isn’t gonna amount to a hill of beans. So it will be interesting. I also don’t see why Nick hasn’t put together that what has happened to Juliette is tied into Adlind especially when she brought up the part about the key. He’s smarter than that. So we will just have to wait and see.

      1. i so agree with you that nick should be able to put 2 and2 together about adalind with juliettes cat scratch

        it was such a good show and now we wait fm until 2013 before we get any more shows :(

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