Grimm ~ 1/24/14

I just love that Monroe and Rosalee were on so much and that it is so much about them. It was so cute the way he proposed to her and gave her the diamond ring through the clock. Monroe’s parents are something else and it took so long for them to get on I was getting mad and then to make this a two parter and for the second part we have to wait until after the Olympics. I felt so bad for Rosalee when they found out she wasn’t a blutebot (sp) like Monroe but was glad that she dug out. I couldn’t believe that guy made a coat out of all the scalps. Adlind sure is getting close to having the bambino. I so enjoyed how they made you see it’s face and hands in her belly. Looks like they might be bringing Nicks mother back, or at least we aren’t done with her yet. Somehow she has got to be related to Renard’s story line going on with Adlind and the royalty in Austria. Good show.

2 thoughts on “Grimm ~ 1/24/14

  1. THe show just started but i thought monroe and rosalee were so cute. i have to say i thought they were talking about sex with their brother and mother and i thought ew but then it ended so well… the proposal and all….. they are the cutest couple in the history of tv… and didnt you love the very end when it said oh #$%^ … i cant believe monroes parents are so nasty. first rosalee and then nick. it seems like it carries on into the next episode which will be on 02/28…. so we have to wait all that time. and i think the guy with the scalps will be after nick too… maybe monroe, rosalee and monroes parents will be able to help save nick from that maniac. so renard says the devils spawn is his.. we will see. adalind is sure having her share of ups and downs. i love that woman who assists her once in a while. she is like a witch or a gypsy… and do you remember her from 24? such a wonderful show this is… when i think how i could hardly watch it the first season and now its one of my faves….. are you going to watch the olympics? i am so worried about the safety of all those athletes… such a scary world we live in…

    1. They weren’t talking about sex they were talking about changing into their wesen LOL and yes I loved the ending with that #$%& Was to funny. Yeah I think that guy will be on again, probably in the second half going after Nick. Yes that was the wife on 24 and I love it when she is on the show. I love all the potions and stuff she does.

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