Grimm ~ 1/17/14

Well you got the comments in the right post LOL I cannot wait for next week when Monroe’s parents come. That look like it’s going to be real good especially when they find out about Nick. I really enjoyed this show and when they went to the CO I couldn’t figure out how he was going to play into this but they wrote it perfectly having both of them be manticores and then for the CO to die for the woman soldier, who yes is the reporter on The Bridge. I thought for sure she was the killer. What I don’t get is when they arrest these Wesen why they don’t change into their character It’s like they just fall over and play patsy LOL. I’m still not liking Juliette. I don’t care how much she helps them. She’s butt ugly. I really enjoyed Monroe and Rosalee as well making up with the family. I think the sister is going to be someone to reckon with in the future. She’s going to be on Monroe like white on rice if you ask me threatening him like that. Adlind was so good with the guy Renard is having her followed with. That spawn devil is getting close and I can’t wait. Real good episode.

2 thoughts on “Grimm ~ 1/17/14

  1. i am so glad that rosalee and monroe are on so much this week. there seems to be quite a back story with rosalee and her mom and sister. i just started watching so i am not sure whats going to happen… and isnt that girl who got gang raped the reporter on the bridge? i think so….. love how they are involving juliette too. she is such a help to them and it makes her more likable somehow.. how cleverly this show was written. i was sure that frankie was the killer and to find out there are 2 manticores was really something. rosalee and her mom made up thanks to monroe and i loved the way the sister told monroe he better be nice to rosalee, so i think that the family is all back together. i sure hope you can watch the previews for next week… i think the show is going to be really good. monroe proposes and his mom and dad make a surprise visit and it looks like all hell breaks loose…. i love this show….

  2. oh and i forgot to mention adalind. i think the time is drawing near for the devil spawn to make a n appearance… loved that cup thing she had going for her. little by little she is getting her powers back… she will be a force to be reckoned with for sure. tbe chandelier exploding… so good !!!!!

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