Graceland ~ 7/18/13

I was so disappointed in Charlie but I realize that she had to do what she had to do and I am also very glad that they didn’t sugar coat it. The most amazing thing is how Briggs and Johnny both stood up for her and I really enjoyed when Johnny stood up for her and took the blame for not getting the arrest. Whistler had a huge affect on her and I don’t think that we are done with her feelings for him blaming herself yet. They are all so like a family. When Mike hit Briggs I was so glad and the emotion that he must have been feeling when that bomb blew up and then finding out that Briggs and Johnny knew about it…I’m sure he wanted to more than just hit Briggs. Bello sure is trusting Mike more and more and now we know that Briggs in an ex heroin user, well at least that what he is saying, I wonder what Mike is going to make of this. For some reason I think Mike’s handler is wrong about Briggs and Mike is going to end up proving it or finding something else that that is huge. Paige wasn’t on all that much but when she was talking about her boobs to Johnny and then pointed her two fingers at her eyes I just laughed. Still not sure what’s going on with Abbie and Mike. I’m not trusting her very much, but there again Mike isn’t being very manly with her and doing the deed with her and just making excuses. We know why but I don’t see why she isn’t being more suspect of him. Good show.

2 thoughts on “Graceland ~ 7/18/13

  1. for some reason I don’t trust the guy who is telling mike to get briggs…. there is something about him I don’t like.. something just isn’t right about all that.. and 2nd of all did you notice Charlie in mens underwear? that was so real… well I don’t know what to think about briggs. he could or may not be an ex-druggie. who knows? I am so untrusting of most of those people. i’m pissed at Charlie for being so stupid. first of all who would care that much about a low life like whistler? just use him as much as you can and don’t get involved. she should know better because she is one tough cookie. and briggs a heroin user? not sure about that.looked like he is a member of a drug rehab group … my favorite this week was johnny. very good guy and I loved how they fooled bello so easily.. and it was great how he took the heat for Charlie. also loved it when mike socked briggs in the kisser. good one. mike is sort of weasly to me. I think they miscast him. he looks like he couldnt fight his way out of a paper bag. if I were that girl he is dating I would give him the deep six… this is truly a good show, but its so realistic it is sort of hard to watch sometimes…..

    1. I think that enough they they are all tough as nails you can’t but help get emotionally involved with your CI’s sometimes. She didn’t want the bust to go south and did what it took. I’m glad they all covered for her. Yes I noticed her underwear. I disagree with you about Mike. I think he is cast perfectly for this part and I agree with you about his handler.

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