Game of Thrones ~ Week of 6/3/12 (Season Finale)

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OMG do I love Khaleesi or what. I just loved what she did with her dragons and when they tricked her with Khal and their son I felt so bad for her but was so glad that she figured it all out and then went back and put Xaro Xhoan Daxos and her handmaiden in the room and then went after the gold. I just love those dragons. I so want them to grow up put boy the power they got already…she’s going to be a force to be dealt with I tell ya. I really enjoyed Tyrion and Varys of course and the scene with Shae and Tyrion was excellent. I’m glad they are staying and I’m glad they are keeping them together so far. Didn’t surprise me that Joffrey made Tywin the Hand of the King and took it away from Tyrion. Can’t wait to see when Tywin and Tyrion meet and see what they have to say. Loved the grin that Sansa had on her face as she was leaving when Joffrey announced he was going to marry Margaery. She’s going to be something else and can you imagine the cat fights with her and Cersei? Gonna be good. Will will see how long John Stark stays married to the woman he married. Jon Snow finally gets some gonads. Was glad to see that. First man he’s killed and wouldn’t you know it would be Qhorin. Can’t wait to see who the king Beyond the Wall is. Glad Samwell didn’t get killed by the Whitewalker Zombie on the horse. I really enjoyed that scene. Poor Bran and his brother. But Osha is so looking out for those two. I loved it when they knocked out Theon to get him to shut up. And Arya and Jaqen were excellent. Him giving her a coin and telling her to call out Valar Morghulis when she needs him again and then changing his look. Brienne is tough as nails. How exciting. Great ending for this season.

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  1. First of all i didnt know that was the thought there was one more show. I thought the show was sooo good. Loved tyrion and shae. And it was so cute of sansa to be so happy that that puke was going to marry margeary. Her joy didnt last long tho. Those poor little boys , bran and his brother. I feel so sorry for them. Its just sad. And robb married jane which he will live to regret for sure. And he is sure mad at his mom isnt he? I love brienne. She is a pretty tough cookie. Great show and cant wsit for it to come back…

    1. I felt that Robb had already forgiven his mother on this episode. I thought aren’t you suppose to be mad at her for letting Jamie go? Maybe i missed something.

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