Game of Thrones ~ Week of 4/8/12

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I love Tyrion. How he just fires Janos as Commander of the City Watch and puts Bronn in there without a moments hesitation was too good. And I loved the interaction between him and Varys and I think he is going to be a force for control of King’s Landing that Tyrion better watch out for. Cersei is a real piece of work and as Queen Regent she doesn’t have all the power I think she thinks she does. I thought for sure she was in on the killing of the children that Joffery ordered but I guess not. I so hope he gets it on this show. I can’t stand that bastard. Gendry and Arya I really like also and I was glad she came clean with him and he was so tongue tied when she told him, upset that he took a piss in front of her. Too good. I hope they go along way and help each other I think they will. One of my favorite characters is also Samwell. I loved how he wanted to protect the girl who was worried she was going to have a son. Poor Jon Snow. I’m glad he followed Craster and can’t wait to find out what and who is taking care of the boys he takes out to the woods. I kept thinking how could he not see or hear Jon running out to find out what was going on. I guess he did because he really belt him one at the end. Theon was something else and I was shocked that it was his sister he was making the move on. I’m hoping he goes back and helps Robb Stark and not his dad and sister. Stannis better watch out for Melisandre. She is going to be trouble for him. I loved their scene on the table however. If she gives him a son, his wife better watch out. Davos is sure loyal to him and I’m so glad there are people back in that day that didn’t believe in Gods. The pirate is going to be a good addition to the show as well. Very good show yet again.

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  1. It was such a good show. The imp was the best. Love him. I have one complaint about it. It is soooo dark sometimes i cant even see the characters. The acting and sets are just wonderful tho. Cercei is a pig and i love how the imp just needles her unmercifully. Your girl dany wasnt on much and it sure looks like her and her followers are hot and hungry. Sad bunch! !! Aarya is so cute and am glad she fessed up to gendry. She is a little tiny thing but is spunky as they come. It is sooo good.

  2. Yeah I’m glad they renewed this. You knew it would be.

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    I’m certain that they are going to be on air long enough to follow the books. It’s so good that it is their intent.

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