Game of Thrones ~ 5/5/13

I love Jon and Ygritte climbing that wall and her figuring out that he is like a double agent. And then that view once they got up the wall was breathtaking. I have to say Joffrey killing that Ros just so pissed me off. To use her as target practice was horrible and I hope that little bastard get’s his. Olenna and Tywin were awesome. No matter who she has a conversation with she holds her own and I’m so glad she knows about the incest. Buggery…LOL I just about died. Arya meeting Melisandre was excellent and I think Gendry is going to be around for a while because of what she told Arya that she’s going to kill a lot of people and they will meet again and then how important Gendry is. Robb sure is doing everything to get himself out of the mess he created and I’m sure Edmure Tully is going to marry the daughter. Robb will make sure of it I’m sure. I see a family feud brewing among the Lannisters. Tyrion and Cersei are going to be one one side I think. They are losing power and want it back. Theon i hope he gets tortured for the rest of the season LOL I’m really digging that. And the dude with Bran that sees Jon on the wrong side…very interesting and so true. Good show again this week.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones ~ 5/5/13

  1. so glad you said that about theon getting tortured for the rest of the season. he is a bastard anddeserves every bit of pain that he suffers. love it!!!that tywin and olenna were very good together. she didnt let that nasty old man get the best of her and i was soooo glad. i just love her. she has so much spunk.. and i was surprised at how meek and mild mannered both tyrion and cercei were when that mean father was telling them who they will marry. poor sansa took it pretty hard i thought. that jackass joffrey with the crossbow using that poor girl as a target. he is a beast. jon snow and ygritte and got to the top of the wall by hook or crook. that ygritte is sharper than she acts.. and i think she is cute too. robb is a loser i think. that dumb uncle of his has to marry one of those ugly freys..poor guy! !!! melissandre is quite the prophet. good show.. just love it

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