Fringe ~ Week of 4/29/12

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I can’t believe that David Robert Jones reports to Bell and that Bell has turned evil. I thought it was so typical Walter trying to convince everyone that Bell is alive and no one buying it. I loved him acting crazy at the Hospital but he sure found what he was looking for. And putting Pigs brain in his cake and after it was done having Bells finger prints and the almond smell…Walter is brilliant. They cannot have Alex die. I love how she said to Walter Alex? And that she loves doing all the things she does for Walter. It was hard to remember she’s an agent and her Ninja like move was real good I thought. But they can’t kill her off. Someone Walter has go to save her. Or maybe she’s wearing a bullet proof vest. And Bell coming up and talking to Walter, his old friend. I’m very anxious to see where they are taking that and I do hope that Jones is really dead. I loved it when he said he was the Bishop. Seeing his face melt did wonders for me. And Olivia wants kids big time you can tell. I can’t help but feel that the girl that was the guinea pig is going to be some trouble in the finale next week. We shall see. And how Olivia got those powers is beyond everyone but I’m sure Walter will help her figure it all out. Great episode. Ratings went down some pffft

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2 thoughts on “Fringe ~ Week of 4/29/12

  1. Astrid cant be dead. I agree she either had a bullet proof vest on or walter will save her somehow. Damn that old leonard nimoy looks HORRIBLE, they better hurry up and film all the scenes they EVER want out of that old boy. I liked how olivia helped peter and the e.r. nurse with her powers. Still not sure jones is dead and gone. I only saw one side of his face turn to dust. Lol. And for him to be a bishop too was so good…a play on words sort of. ISNT WALTER JUST THE BEST? he can act as nutty as a fruitcake and be sly as a fox. Loved when he said that noise sounded like a rhino only more nasal… lol. Rhino means nose. So damn funny. Such a good hope and pray we dont see jones next week but do see astrid- alex-astro !!!!!great show

    1. I thought about that also and remember Astrid was in 2036 so she has to be alive. Walter is the best I tell you. I just love him like I do Monroe.

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