Fringe ~ Week of 4/15/12

I couldn’t agree more with this article. I have never understood why he hasn’t won an Emmy for the work he does on this show. Friday’s episode was brilliant acting on his part and every week he does it.

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I don’t know why I didn’t figure out until the very end when Peter came up to Etta that she was his and Olivia’s daughter. Well I’m assuming she was Olivia’s. Especially when Broyles was informed that Simon, Etta and her Grandfather were on the move. I think it was pretty cool that Olivia wasn’t in the episode. I really liked how they did this with Simon and Etta and that coffee they had was something else. I love how when the broke Astrid out of the amber that of course Walter called her Astro and him just keeping Belly’s hand? Boy I can’t figure that one out unless it’s got something to do with Nina’s arm. Walter not being able to remember anything up front was pretty cool. It was also cool how they made Broyles look in the future. He looked a bit tired if you ask me. I’m also anxious to see if they address what Walter meant by Bell doing harm to Olivia. Can’t wait to see what that is about. Seeing all those Observes was cool and I’m glad that they brought up September as well. Captain Wingmark liking animals is how he got his reputation? Sure is keeping with the Observes tradition of weirdness. I also liked Nina and remembering that part of Walter’s brain was stored in Massive Dynamics. That whole thing when they were in the old building was pretty good and Walter not having his memory, he was so Walter. Fixing Nina’s arm. Wanting licorice. Excellent. Loved Nina’s older look too and she was talking to her son on the phone? That was a new one also. Did you notice the code to get into Massive Dynamics? 092112 9/21/12 The return of Season Five do you think? Ratings were up which is good. I was glad to see that. Let’s hope it’s not to late.

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2 thoughts on “Fringe ~ Week of 4/15/12

  1. What a good show but i dont get why they did it. It was so far into the future the show will never get there and it just sort of seemed silly. Poor broyles looked mummified and nina wasnt far behind. That nasty widmark observor was just plain mean. Loved the club or whore house or whatever it was at the beginning where everyone was dressed up and fancy. Wasnt simon the guy on lost that had penny as a girlfriend? ?? Walter was sooo good with the licorice and calling astrid astro and he is wonderful. Has been cheated out of an emmy 4 years now. Maybe the voters will wise up this year. Glad walter defended september. And i was SHOCKED when etta turned out to be peters daughter. Odd with no olivia but that is soooo fringe! And arent you the clever one with that code at M.D.??? I didnt even pay attention to it. Good show…..even if it was so unusual…

    1. It was very unusual and I think they just wanted something different. From the TVGuide article above, 5 Things to Know About Friday‚Äôs Trip to 2036, they reminded us that last year episode 19 was the one they did with animation so it’s just possibly something to do with that episode number being 19 that they want to do something out of the ordinary. Yes that was Desmond from LOST.

      I love 1, 2 and 3 but they were all so good:

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