Fringe ~ Week of 4/1/12

Gonna be in the alt world this week :)

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2 thoughts on “Fringe ~ Week of 4/1/12

  1. Well wth lee out of the picture i guess lincoln will put the moves on fauxlivia…poor guy. I like him so much and guess this would be a good answer to his love for olivia. Loved ” grazing day” and also enjoyed alt-universe for a change. Fauxlivia is pretty chipper and happy compared to sad forgetful morose olivia…. and nina on the other side is so gross looking. David jones has got to be found out and the shapeshifters eliminated. Good show as usual….this is one of my faves…

    1. Ratings were still about the same. I felt sorry for Lincoln again this week. When he was talking with Olivia about the bracelet and she had no recollection of it he just looked like a wounded puppy. I’m glad that it was about the altuniverse as well. Fauxlivia is so much more chipper and she showed some emotion when Lee was pronounced dead. i also thought that Lincoln would maybe make the moves on her but I just don’t see how he can stay in the altuniverse. I like how he gave that bracelet to the guy that David Robert Jones was suppose to help at the end and good for him to help get Nina over there. She sure did give up easily. I loved the grazing days as well. That was just too good. And I love Astrid in the altuniverse also. You are so right they have to get David Robert Jones thing solved. I’m getting tired of it actually. Ratings remained about the same

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