Fringe ~ Week of 2/20/12

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I just loved it when Peter and September got inside each others brains and had all those past visions going on that involved Peter. It was certainly good when September brought up Henry and that he was born to the wrong Olivia. Very interesting. I felt so bad for Olivia at the end when Peter told her he was doing things wrong and that he couldn’t be with he and needed to get back to his Olivia. The timeline is falling more and more into place and I hope this isn’t the end of the Observers. I liked it when they all met but poor September sure did get his fate decided by their decision. It was good of Olivia to figure out that the Nina that she was with was a shapeshifter by figuring out the first time she called her Nina. I loved it when she shot Jones but he still lived. I don’t think that we are done with him yet. I just about died when Astrid said to stop the video that she had to pee and Walter said he had the same thought for the last ten minutes. And the sandwich he was making. He stays so true to form. I had almost forgotten also that Nina in the beginning had a funny arm and I’m wondering if that was the Nina that is a shapeshifter. You know the one that Jones was drilling into. When she faked her sickness and then bounced up of the gurney…really enjoyed that. Good ending for this part of the season. Now we go four weeks without it. I’m so glad the ratings jumped up a little.

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2 thoughts on “Fringe ~ Week of 2/20/12

  1. I just loved this show. One of the most outstanding things about the show was Mina’s metal arm when they made itlook like they were hurting her. I am sure she is a shape shifter. Loved how she bounceed up off that gurney. Too funny!!! And wasn’t it so neat when Peter got in September’s brain and saw all that stuff? Loved that. When Jones didntdie when he got shot by Olivia that was great. Oh yes i am sure we are going to see more of that rat. I am confused about the time line and what is happening to Olivia…good for the ratings!!!!! This show is good even if some of it doesn’t make sense. I always love Astrid and dear old Walter…… sorry it will be off for 4 weeks…….

    1. I loved it when they were inside the brain and all that was going on. Do you remember when this show first started and they showed Nina with that fake arm? I wonder if she has been a shpaeshifter since then?

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