Fringe ~ Week of 1/13/13 (Series Finale)

Well it is finally over and I must say that I did enjoy this last episode better than any one this whole season. There are so many good points to talk about. Walter finally calling Astrid, Astrid. The talk between Peter and Walter when he explained the VCR tape. Olivia going to the Alternate Universe and seeing Fauxlivia and what’s his name and for the life of me I can’t remember it. Maybe it’s lack of sleep or more likely, CRS ROFLMAO. Boy Olivia sure did have the hots for him still. I loved Michael and I was sad that September died, but I thought it was cool that Walter ended up going into the future. And when he saw the Observer floating and total Peter it was cool, that was just to funny. The thing I didn’t like about the whole series this year is the team always got away and kept one step ahead of the Observers. It had to be like that but it was just so convenient. I just loved the bugs and crap coming out of the Observers in the end and I think they were all the bugs that they always showed when they left the scenes during the series. They left this wide open if another network wants to pick it up. My favorite part though was Astrid and Walter. I so wanted her to take the shot and go with Walter. Sad that it ended. It will always be one of my favorites regardless of how shitty this last season was.

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4 thoughts on “Fringe ~ Week of 1/13/13 (Series Finale)

  1. i agree with everything you said about the last show thom. my favorite part was walter and astrid was so touching that he called her by her real name and somehow having that cow in the amber added to the sentimentality of the whole thing. i have always been suspicious about broyles and was glad he was on the right side when all was said and done. i was so happy when i THOUGHT september was going to take the kid into the future so walter wouldnt have to but i think it ended the right way with walter going. those crabs and things coming out of all the bad guys was sickening…. i enjoyed seeing fauxlivia and wasnt that guy luke or lincoln? ..i am sorry the show is over and i will miss all of them. it has been one of my favorites and i am glad we watched it. great show! !!!!!!

    1. I forgot to mention the cow. Yes that was good. And good memory. It was Lincoln. You’re out of the CRS Club. And I agree about Walter ending up going. That was perfect.

      1. when i really think about it i guess it was good to end the show when it was still interesting instead of boring. sad as i am to see it go i think it went out with good writing and a great story line. they NEVER sold out and got dull…

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