2 thoughts on “Fringe ~ Week of 11/11/12

  1. i feel like this is the beginning of the end for the show. walter was so mean to nina the first time he saw he saw her. i felt sorry for her and thought she and olivia were so touching. all throgh this series i have thought nina would be the enemy and she never has been… liked how walter took nina the picture of her that he found in belly’s safe. do you think peter is turning into a baldie with his hair starting to fall out? olivia knows he is acting different because of the thing he put in his neck. i hope nina will remove those pieces of walters brain so get our “old” walter back. great show and wont be on for 3 weeks now..:(

    1. Yes I thought the best part of the show was when Olivia and Nina met each other. They didn’t say anything for a little while and I totally enjoyed that. I know that Olivia knows Peter is changing and she is not liking it at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if she does something about it. I certainly hope so because I don’t want Peter to become an Observer…it was disgusting with that hair falling out. I just love Astrid with Walter and always have. Agnes fire up the laser LOL too funny. I’m glad that Walter came around with Nina and I hope they take that out of his brain as well but I still want him to be as smart as he is. And him to get pissed at Belly for stealing his Rod Stewart record I just loved it. The show seemed to be in pieces but I think we were hearing what Peter hears with people talking and him being able to pick it up. I am getting to the point where I just want this over with now.

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