Downton Abbey ~ 2/9/14

I thought we were so done with Alfred, Daisy, Jimmy and Ivy. I can’t stand that story line and was so mad at Alfred for showing up. Get over it. I loved how Carson mentioned the money he paid for the pub when Alfred showed up. LOL It was good that Molesley over heard Thomas talking to Baxter and has figured out something is up. I can’t wait to find out what Thomas has on Baxter. And I tell you I loved Mrs. Hughes telling Green off. And to think he tried to make it seem like they were drunk. Bates knows it was him I’m sure especially after he spouted out that he went down stairs during that good awful singing LOL I loved the scenery with Jack and Rose but I’ve yet to figure out why they are trying to pair them up. The rebellion against her parents can only go so far. I was happy for Edith being able to tell Rosamund and boy did she have a tough decision to make not having the abortion. I’m sort of glad she did and I’m anxious to see how they solve this. Blake and Mary have no connection at all even if she did throw mud at him. Strange foreplay if you ask me. And Tom meeting that pretty girl at the political meeting. I sure hope this is just a long way to getting him and Mary together. I was so glad that Isobel took care of Violet. That old woman so cracks me up. Even sick her one liners are so good.

2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey ~ 2/9/14

  1. The show was good I thought. Poor Edith. I felt so sorry for her and was glad she has rosamund to turn to. I wonder what she has up her sleeve with the farmer who lives on the property. I
    And I keep hoping Gregson will turn up and marry Edith and make her happy at long last…. am sure Bates is putting 2 and 2 together about that despicable green and I was so proud of Mrs Hughes for telling him off. He deserves to be put in jail for what he did, the bastard. And all those men flocking around Mary and they are all simpletons. I agree that Tom and she need to be together but I am sure the girl at the rally will be in the picture to muddy up the waters. And rose is going to be in trouble with all of them for fooling around with Jack. It can’t end well I tell you. I couldn’t believe it when Alfred showed up and Mr carson is such a skinflint he was mad cuz he had to pay the bill at the pub. I can’t imagine what is going to happen between ivy and daisy … he needs to go away and stay away !!!!!! And you are so right about violet and her one liners.. she is so funny. Thought it was so nice of Isobel to take care of her. Sometimes they seem to get along really well. Such a wonderful show… didn’t miss HIS LORDSHIP a bit… lol

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