Downton Abbey ~ 2/2/14

I have to say the scene of the entire show was Mary, Tom and Isobel talking about their spouses and then saying aren’t we the lucky ones was just beautiful. I so enjoyed that. And Isobel and Violet. I swear they should have their own show. Isobel snooping around and then Violet one upping her by hiring Pegg back. Such good writing. I feel sorry for Edith. Looks like she is with child and Gregson is no where to be found. I wonder if Sampson, the guy he took all the money from in the card game, killed him? Cora sure did put the maitre’d in his place and gets a table for Anna and Bates. You know Thomas has always had a thing for Anna and now that he knows something is up thanks to Baxter I’m sure he is going to find out what happened to her. He might go after Green because of it but we shall see. I still can’t figure out what Thomas has over Baxter to make her spill her guts. Wouldn’t you know that Mary would see Rose and Jack smacking lips. I thought that was a good surprise and I loved how Carson reacted when he first saw that he is black. Love how Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes hired Molesley to pour tea for the servants and in the long run Carson having to hire him back. Good plot. I’m glad Alfred is gone. Let’s hope for good so Daisy can quit behaving so childish like she has been.

2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey ~ 2/2/14

  1. Poor little Edith. I hope that eastward will come back and marry her. And the batter’s are just so sad… Tom just is such a sneak and he makes people so beholden to him. That was so touching with Mary, Tom and Mrs Crowley. And then those two dear little kids came in to make it all even better… that violet just slays me… I am afraid they are going to pair Mary with that guy who is inspecting all the estates.. I like how they have Cora and her husband (crs) going to bed and talking every week.. and that rose is something else isn’t she???? Moseley sure lucked out with those two old ladies and I was shocked carson gave up so easily. So much happens on every show that I can’t remember it all. I just love the show and can’t wait for next week….

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