Downton Abbey ~ 1/19/14

Well they sure did get rid of Edna quickly and I’m so glad that Mrs. Hughes helped Tom with that. It seems to me that it was sort of stupid to even bring her on. And she tried the same thing again and got a can tied to her ass for it LOL Let’s hope that Tom and Mary do get together in the end. I think they are perfect for each other. It sure as hell didn’t take any time for Gillingham to propose to Mary and I think they did that way to fast. But I was so glad that Mary didn’t accept and hopefully this will be the last of him. The kiss didn’t do much for Mary either. The bickering downstairs with Daisy, Alfred, Jimmy and Ivy is getting old real fast. Talk about school children tattling on each other. Get over it already. Really enjoyed Mrs. Hughes and Carson. They have such a good relationship and it was nice of her to give him a picture of his ex girlfriend. So the black band leader just had to step in and dance with Rose. She’s going to take a shine to him I’m sure of it. And what is up with Edith’s aunt reading her her beads because she came in at six in the morning. At least she finally got some from Michael. Anna. I feel so bad for that poor woman I can’t see straight and I so want them to get this fixed and do it pronto. Poor Bates doesn’t understand what’s going on and neither does any one in the entire family. They can all tell that something is up and I think Mrs. Hughes is going to have to come clean and they are going to have to calm Bates down so he doesn’t go off on the dude. I think they are doing this very well it’s just heartbreaking because Anna and Bates are so lovable. Good show again this week.

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    well i was glad that mary turned gillingham down. i was worried she would accept his proposal and then i would have to give up on her and tom getting together. i was so glad tom went to mrs hughes about edna… mrs h is sooooo nice to everyone. and i was glad they got edna over a barrel.. but i dont think they are thru with her yet myself… i think she will turn up like a bad penny. and i am a little disgusted with anna. if she isnt going to buck up and tell mr bates what happened to her, she should get on with it and forget about it. i feel bad for her, but hate to see her wallowing in self pity… and with her moving back in to the abbey she is just putting more distance between her and him and that wont be good. poor alfred finding ivy swapping spit with that other guy.. daisy wanted him to see them together.. i hope alfred gets chosen to go to that cooking school. that would be so good for him. get him away from ivy anyway. i think edith is going to “shame” the whole family when they find out she spent the night with that guy… and i read somewhere that rose has an affair with the black singer in that band that saved her from that drunk… that should be very interesting. i loved violet too… when she asked her son why he was in his rompers just because he wasnt in a tux… so funny…. i love this show and hope it goes on and on forever…

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