8 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars ~ Week of 4/4/11

  1. wendy was HORRIBLE.. needs to go.. chelsea was so cute and sure mde up for last week. chris was good and i loved how he did that for his poor dead mother. very touching. kendra was pretty good. i thought she was going to lose that cover a couple of times.. romeo was ok and i dont think he deserved len’s words.. hines was so good, he is going to the finals i’ll bet. he just has it!!! petra’s story and dance made me get tears in my eyes.. sugar ray was not good in my estimation. poor kirstie and maks.. they did so well after their spill, but i think maks really hurt his foot. ralph wasnt so good but always does a pretty good job… bye-bye wendy!!!!!

    1. I’m liking Hines and Petra more and more. I thought that Petra had the dance of the evening myself. Chelsea and Kendra also made up for last week as well I thought. Sugar Ray just doesn’t do it for me at all. Between him and Wendy, they are the bottom two. Romeo was just so so and so was Ralph. I felt bad for Kirstie and Max and I thought he said it was his side not his foot that gave out. Whatever it was they recovered nicely. Chris has improved a great deal also. It’s still hard as to who is going to be in the top but this week Wendy is going to go.

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  2. Bye Bye Wendy


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  3. i of course didnt watch wendy leave tony davaloni stranded on the ballroom floor, but i am soooo glad that she is gone. she was hard to look at on top of being such a poor dancer. i thought after the first week tho the costumers really designed outfits that were flattering to her. glad she’s gone and as far as i’m concerned “suge” better start packing… he is the next lousiest… i think chris was SO good this week and was shocked he was in the bottom 3. however i dont really know who was bad enough to be in the bottom 3 this week…. they were all pretty good and sugar should have been in chris’s place….

    1. Chris is definitely coming on in this. I don’t necessarily think that they put the bottom ones in the bottom. I think the one being kicked off is definitely there but the rest I don’t think we ever know where they scored. Wendy Williams is a nasty wench. I watched the end as I was waiting for BOP. She did exactly what they said. I don’t know why anyone watches her talk show or listens to it.

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      1. i went back and watched the end too so i could see what wendy the wench did at the end… she did do just exactly what the article said… she is distasteful to me in the max!!!! i agree, i wouldnt watch or listen to her show ever..

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