4 thoughts on “Dancing With The Stars ~ Week of 3/21/11

  1. CHELSEA & MARK: they were good but surprisingly the judges didnt gush over her. never heard of her but she is a cute little thing and not scared at all.

    WENDY & TONY: first of all i dont like tony and have never heard of this chick. SHE IS HORRIBLE.. that is how i would be… LOL LOL.. and those boobs of hers are mammoth!!! “dumplings boiling over” … that risque old ken!

    WARD AND KIM: he is pretty good!! didnt do a bad job at all.. the steeler nation ought to keep him in for awhile..

    PETRA & DIMITRI: well she isnt much!! i was wanting to like her cuz her boyfriend died in the tsumami in indonesia but she is nothing…

    ROMEO & KELSEY: i dont know this dude either EXCEPT that he is that master p’s son… lets hope the apple fell VERY far from the tree.. LOL.. he wasnt bad i have to say, but even i noticed that he has to stand up straighter..

    SUGAR RAY & ANNA: i have always liked him as a person. i think he is blind in one eye. he seems a little stiff but he should go for a few weeks..

    KENDRA & LOUIS: she was one of hugh hefners girlfriends .. sorta slutty i think. she just sorta prances around thinking she is cute .. she almost overwhelms that little louis..

    RALPH & KARINA: everyone seemed to really like him.. OMG! the judges loved him.. i hope he goes far.

    CHRIS & CHERYL: he wont win for sure. just so mediocre its pitiful..

    MIKE & LACEY: he’s so funny he should be a comedian but his dancing is no good.

    KIRSTIE & MAKS: well she moves pretty well. i love her so i dont care i am rooting for her…

    good show and good night!!!

    1. Okay I don’t know who Master P is LOL. Thanks for the update on all the folks that I don’t know.

      The worst of the lot were Wendy, Sugar, Chris and Mike. They are going to be the first ones to go. Wendy’s tits make Dolly look like Twiggy. All the rest of them have potential to win the trophy especially Kirstie, Ralph, Romeo, Hines and Petra. Kirstie rocks if you ask me. She gives big women a great name and rocked if you ask me. Same with Hines. He was awesome. Ralph is butt ugly but dances well. Petra I thought was excellent as well. Romeo will do well if he gets rid of all the extra circular stuff he does that Len doesn’t like. I would say who I think is going to go but will wait for next Monday since they all get to come back. I must say, it is a much better cast than last season.

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