Dallas ~ Week of 6/10/12

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Well I have to say I liked the opening that they kept it like the old Dallas. My other biggest thing I noticed, for myself, is I was wanting more of the old cast than the new ones. I enjoyed it when they were on much better than without them. I guess it’s just getting use to the younger crowd. Of course they haven’t changed JR at all which is a good thing. He is still pure evil and when he went down to talk to the guy about the Del Sol Conservancy selling by Southfork to him and finding out Marta in Dallas isn’t the real Marta. I liked that ending and it was perfect that JR was the one that found it out. I like Annie, Bobby’s new wife. She fits in pretty good and of course the secrets continue with him having Cancer. There is more to Rebecca and Tom that meets the eye and they sure are plotting something and Rebecca is seeming to have second thoughts. I was sort of shocked to find out that Christopher had been sold by a family to Bobby and Pam. I must have missed something in the original series. Sue Ellen sure has come into her own and I like that they are wanting her to run for Governor. She still has the hots for JR and I hope they do something about that. It was good to see Lucy and Ray. I hope they get more cameo’s from the older stars like that as that to me is the true Dallas. But I just need to get over that part of it and get use to the younger new stars. I guess the email, and who actually wrote it, is going to be the crux of Elena and Christopher. It’s a good thing they have feelings for each other because Rebecca is up to no good. They are certainly keeping up with the night time soap on this. Good show and I’m glad the ratings were good as well. I have to say I agree with the Screen Rant article below.

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3 thoughts on “Dallas ~ Week of 6/10/12

  1. I so enjoyed the show… old jr is just the same as always. I loved that he was pretending to be asleep when bobby went to seehim. And i like the kids. They are just like jr and bobby when they were younger. I like christopher better than john ross by far. I am upset that christophers wife is up to no good. I think she may have sent that email everone is so bothered about. And i totally agree with you.. i dont remember that bobby and pam “bought” christopher. I like sue ellen too. She and jr will never really be done with each other i dont think. There is so much going already i cant keep track of it all. I think elena and christopher still want each other and loved the thing with there being two martas…. jr is really steamed about that. Love bobby and ann too. Good steady decent couple and you know bobby will be cancer free in no time. Great great showand i read the screen rant and dont agree with them a bunch. I thought it was wonderful….

    1. You could be right about that email and Rebecca sending it. I never thought of it and I too like Christopher much better than John Ross. Well I tend to agree with Screen Rant but don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to stop me from watching it :)

      Read #13 below…could have happened with Bobby:

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  2. I wondered about those two being covered in oil myself and forgot to mention it. How gooey and uncomfortable.. also forgot to mentio that charlene tilton looks older than linda gray…… she needs work done on her face.. yikes!!!!

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