Dallas ~ 3/4/13

Yeah it was sad that this is the last show we will see JR in and they must have known he was doing pretty bad because he wasn’t on a whole lot. I bet they added the gun shot in when they found out he passed away. It is going to be sad next week and JR was the best character ever and Dallas will never be the same again. You are so right about Gary … He looks like the Budweiser truck ran him over many many times LOL I dunno about Christopher and Pam getting together but I sure was shocked that the sabotage didn’t work. I didn’t figure EE was going to win the race but they did. I hope that Sue Ellen and Christopher keep this up however and Gary may just fall to Sue Ellen’s coming on to him and turn the tide for her and John Ross. The best part of the show however, I thought was Harris and his mother especially when he choked her and threw her away and sad that he loved Anne because he wasn’t anything like her. Emma is going to come into the mix for one of the Ewing boys I’m sure and I hope that Elena and Drew hit it big on Papi’s land myself. It’s going to be an interesting show now but I think next week you are right, it’s all about JR’s funeral and it’s going to be sad.

One thought on “Dallas ~ 3/4/13

  1. I was so glad the ewing nascar won. That john ross is a little shit…. so glad his sabotage didnt work. Harris and that old mother of his are creepy together and i was so glad the daughter left.. hope she never goes back to them. I so think like you do that pamela and christopher could get back together… i just feel like they will. Where that will leave elena is beyond me and i wish her and her bro lots of luck with “papi’s” land. Well now we have seen the last of poor old jr i guess. I would think it was just another ploy by crafty old goat to hear those gunshots but we KNOW he is never coming back and its so sad. Someone wrote in the paper today that larry hagman played the best character on tv….ever! !! Its true. I feel so bad that he is gone and i will miss him a lot.. the show wont ever be quite the same… and man that gary ewing looks like 10 miles of bad road doesnt he? Well next week will be a sad show. I think its jr’s funeral…. :(

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