Dallas ~ 3/18/13

I have to say one of the best scenes in a show in a long while was when John Ross and that chick in the transportation department were comparing a sprint to a marathon. I thought that was such good writing. Val came in like a fire breathing dragon and it was good to see her. Lucy, as you say, is something else. I sure hope that Sue Ellen is going to get her act together. I don’t want to see her turn into a drunk again, but it would be so her. I was shocked what Miss Ellie did with Southfork. Took Bobby by surprise that’s for sure. Gonna be interesting. I was glad that Bobby is going to sell the land to Drew and boy what until he finds out that Harris is behind that trucking company. I don’t like that he did that bomb and Cliff not even caring that Pam was on the rig had it go off. I guess he doesn’t want any Ewing blood coming from his daughter. I’m anxious to see the outcome of that. it was about time that Christopher went to the dark side. I knew he would do it. If the show keeps up like this it’s going to be pretty good. Oh and Harris and his mother. I so enjoyed her when she said that he was dead to her and then he pushed her down the stairs. I hope she lives. I want her to be a pain in his ass. LOL

2 thoughts on “Dallas ~ 3/18/13

  1. what a good show this was. i think harris is going to hide that old mother of his and tell everyone she went to london. i am sure she is dead. and that daghter of his and annes is such a little bitch. i think she will really spice up the show. and that old cliff is pretty cold-hearted as far as i ‘m concerned. i see why drew had to do the bomb but elena is on the rig anyway so she could die one way or the other. and yes miss ellie sure threw in the hammer from beyond the grave didnt she? seems to me like bobby got the sgaft. and are he and anne not speaking? i think she gets really hurt when tge rig blows up… not sure about that. val looks pretty good but theres no love lost between her and gary..as near as i can see… and what can i say about cyndi laupers twin sister charlene???? LOL LOL. AND IF I HAVE MADE LOTS OF TYPOS I had a laser procedure on my left eye today and have to wait a week to get the right one done so my eyes are cockeyed now. cant see too well. next week it will be lots better so you have to bear with me……

    1. Yes Ann and Bobby are still not speaking. He’s being such an ass and if Ann gets hurt in the rig explosion that will bring him back into the fold. I bet you are so right about Harris and his mother. Good one. What was the laser for? Lemme know

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