Dallas ~ 3/11/13

The whole show didn’t start to even come close to a tribute to JR until Sue Ellen started speaking at the funeral and then for the rest of the show was excellent but as you said the boozing and fighting and everyone being so mad was just pathetic. They did 3/4 of the show so wrong. Bobby holding that shit in with Ann until now? Please. That was one of the most stupid ways he could have behaved that I’ve ever seen. Boy and that pill popping Emma just opened her loins for John Ross. I knew she was going to get one of them but I didn’t figure it would be this soon. But when Sue Ellen started the drinking from then read that letter the show got good. The are going to keep the memory of JR around for a long time and I can’t wait to find out what that letter to Bobby says. Harris is also going to be a real big part of this show and the previews it looks like mommy dearest disowns him. I was so hoping this show would have plenty of scenes from the old Dallas on JR. They did it so wrong and I kept reading that it would be a tribute to JR … well it wasn’t. Oh I loved Cliff Barnes as well. Typical of what JR would have done. Charlene Tilton…LOL needs some Jenny Craig LOL Not what I expected at all.

One thought on “Dallas ~ 3/11/13

  1. well the funeral wasnt as sad as i thought. i think they should have spent more time on the actual funeral instead of everyone swilling booze, popping pills and fighting with each other. that ass of a bobby is acting like a jackass.. but i wonder what jr put in the letter bum gave him? ?? i think finding out who shot jr the second time will b better than the first time…. looks like john ross and ann ‘s daughter have struck up a friendship of sorts doesnt it??? wonder what those pills were they both popped? and charlene tilton looks like cindy laupers twin sister…and thats no compliment. lol…that ex of ann ‘s is going to be bad news. another good episode but a little disaappointing cuz i felt like they gave jr short shrift…. just sayin ‘

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