Dallas ~ 2/4/13

You are right a whole new generation to hate LOL I am enjoying Pamela and John Ross real well. How they called each other darlin’ and flipped flopped on top of each other. She is one mean ass bitch and he is one mean ass bastard. Much more than Christopher and Elena. Yes I believe she is still with children and I don’t think she can get rid of them either because then she wouldn’t have her hooks into the Ewing empire. I don’t know if her bald henchman is going to work for JR or not but he is gonna get killed, because of his death, I think by taking care of the real Rebecca and it back firing on him but it gets rid of her as well. Somehow I think that’s how they are going to get rid of him in the story line with her and Tommy. Pamela sure did take the news of them finding blood in her apartment of Tommy with a grain of salt. I’m anxious to see how she gets out of that. Drew, Elena’s brother, I agree, is not a pretty boy and was sort of shocked how ugly he was on the show but he is going to be trouble. Emma sure is a bitch also and how Ann is going to get out of killing Ryland is beyond me but she will and it will be with the help of sniveling Bobby. Sue Ellen is a typical mother if you ask me and I loved how she was with Elena. Her mean streak I really enjoy. Good show and it’s getting better every week. I hope it keeps it up when there is no more JR. His evilness is going to be sorely missed.

One thought on “Dallas ~ 2/4/13

  1. loved the show. that brother of elena’sis going to be trouble thats for sure.. and he sure isnt handsome at all.that pamela is a very mean person. i cant remember… is she still pg? she and john ross are a match made in hell for sure. i wonder if that flunkie ( sinister bald guy) will work for old jr? ? i wonder if he killed tommy’ sister?damn i love that nasty jr. and will miss him. he is looking pretty bad. sue ellen fell for john ross’s sob story hoik, line and sinker didnt she? i would think she would be smarter than that…. guess not !!!! and ann may be in the soup noow but i am sure she will get out of it one way or the other… greaat show. i like all those nasty young people. a whole new generation to hate! !!!! lol

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