Dallas ~ 1/28/13

I really really liked how they opened the show with Linda Grey and Patrick Duffy talking about Larry Hagman and that they were front and center of the cast. You know this is going to be harder to watch this year because he is only in 6 episodes, which could be about half the series, but I think most people tune in to see those older characters. That’s who we relate to. Junior will never be a JR, Elena is one of the most boring characters out so really the only saving grace is Christopher and Rebecca. I mean who cares about methane gas LOL Don’t get me wrong I will continue to watch but it will never be like the original. I love how bitchy Rebecca (Pamela) is and her eat my shit and die attitude. I knew that John Ross would team up with her and go back and have her. Those two plotting together could be good and give John Ross some hope on the show of being a little like JR. It amazed me that Elena ended up, or will end up, with so much stock in Ewing Energies. Wouldn’t you know that the real Rebecca would change her story but in true Dallas fashion, Christopher gets the goods on her and FauxBecca talking to Tommy. She best watch out if they go looking for Tommy Good twist in all of that I must say. Poor Sue Ellen losing the governorship. I wanted her to get it but I like how JR came to her rescue and bought of the state’s attorney in a manner that only JR can do. They haven’t changed the way those two behave with each other and it’s so good to see that love hate relationship. Ann. What’s up with her being so distraught because that little bitchy daughter didn’t want anything to do with her. Good detective work on Bobby’s part and I can’t figure out why Ryland and his mom hid her and he knew all along. I wonder if Ann has a dark past that is going to come out. Good start of the season I thought.

2 thoughts on “Dallas ~ 1/28/13

  1. loved the show so much. it made me sad when linda and patrick were talking about larry. there wont ever be a character like jr again. i am liking that john ross tho. he has the evil ewing brewing in him and i like him with christophers ex wife. she is a bitch thom !!!! lol… they make a pretty good team. and elena is perfect for christopher ….. BORING!!! glad you mentioned ann. i was shicked how stupid she was acting and she looked like she was 100 years old too and i hate that bastard she used to be married to. . i so agree about the methane gas but who knows.. it may be worth something…. eventually. poor sue ellen but jr is always there to help her out. thats about to end huh??? its hard to watch how feeble larry hagnman looks isnt it??? i love this show and hope its on for years…

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