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Grimm ~ 5/7/13

I was so pissed at Nick when he started going after the chick and then relieved when Monroe and Rosalee figured it out and I am so hoping that this is the end of Juliette and Nick being at odds with each other. Seems like she is just going to accept what has gone and and leave it at that. We shall see. Hank must be really hurt. I wonder if the ex-wife is going to come on the show next year. I loved how Monroe was with Nick when he came to the house and then dug out. He sort of gets prissy but maintains. I loved the ending and how Nick basically fell apart and Juliette was there to help him. Wonder what Renard is going to think now.

Grimm ~ 4/30/13

Well I guess you were right about Hank. He must be hurt and still on vacation in Hawaii.This was a very good episode. First Renard and Nick talking more about those damn keys and Monroe, in the bow tie on his date with Rosalee, knowing about that map. I like after the talk that Nick and Renard agreed not to trust each other basically but in the long run they sort of have to. What a good character the character was this week. To think that they are extinct and in the long run on their way to Alaska to be with others I liked and the fact that Nick let them go. It was pretty disgusting that she was eating ovaries. Rosalee is sure one tough cookie and I was amazed that Nick let them go but I thought that pretty good. Juliette going to Monroe with that picture. I hope she takes his advice. Wu of course with those looks he gives everyone and his little smart ass attitude. I just love him. I’m real anxious to see this thing about the keys and now that we know how many have been found and how many more they need. Good show.

Grimm ~ 4/26/13

This is the last Friday for this show. It moves to Tuesday, which makes me very happy that it’s finally getting a better time slot. And it follows The Voice, which I know you don’t watch but what a great lead in for it.

Not a bad episode. Did you notice that the queen that Adlind got taken to was I think the chick on 24 and in the first season of Homeland? So she is carrying royalty, still that doesn’t answer if Renard or his brother is the proud daddy, but I sure did like how she said she didn’t want the money just her power back. Hank leaving for Hawai’i was too funny. Did you notice while he was being wheeled down the hall he was still waving like Queen Lizzy? LOL too funny. Also liked that they brought Bud back and him and Monroe really getting into the soccer game and trying to get Nick out of the doldrums. Didn’t work very good. I liked the Volcanalis and the husband whose wife was killed by him. Nick letting him bash the shit out of him when the froze him was poetic justice. Loved how the eye kept glowing and then froze as well. Let’s hope this is the end of Juliette and all the Nick’s. I’m so hoping they get them back together and get on with it. One thing I do like about this is the woman she goes to how they both speak Spanish. Just an odd little twist. Sgt. Wu naming all of those volcanoes and then posing in that door way cracked me up. He is just so odd that I love his character. I wish there was more of him on the show all the time like this episode. Good show.

Grimm ~ 4/15/13

I have to say that Juliette is driving me nuts as well. If she is seeing all these visions of Nick why the hell doesn’t she just get back together with him. I’m sure it’s her way of getting her memory back to find out that Nick is a Grimm but get on with it. And what purpose did the Spanish chick serve? I didn’t get that. When this trial first started I thought what the hell is that brown mist. LOL I loved that he ate toads and yes I did see the breath freshener and I loved it when Monroe was chasing after that damn toad. Too funny. One good thing about this episode that was pretty good was it wasn’t a case that Nick and Hank were working on. I loved it that Renards brother realized that Adlind was glowing. I can’t wait to see who the papa is. She lost her powers when she had it out with Nick last year. I’m sure she is going to get them back. I’m liking how slow they are taking it with her and the keys and royalty. I think that is going to be what this series is all about so they need to take it along at a slow pace. It is good when they bring back characters from previous episodes and they so keep them in character. So good, even bringing Nick’s mom back just via a message. Very good.

Grimm ~ 3/29/13

Well poor Nick. Get’s all pissy with Monoroe about wanting to take Juliette there and at least he told him that if he doesn’t she’s done with Nick. I’m liking that back story with Renard and I think it’s going to be fun to see how it all plays out. I wonder if Adlind’s name is on that list. I so like Wu as well. He would be a game nerd and puzzle solver like that. He’s been so out of the picture for such a long time that’s it’s good he got more lines. Loved it when he said this: I spend my life gaming, just me and my cat. LOL All I could think of during this show was Laurie and Renee playing that WOW. LOL The sister getting pissy with the guy when he tries to help Nick and Hank LOL I so pictured Laurie. I also hope you caught when the case first started and Hank said he hopes it’s not a Wessen. Very good again this week.

Grimm ~ 3/22/13

Like you I’m going to sound like a broken record. Rosalee is one of my favorite characters of all times. She is right up there with Monroe if you ask me. They are like a super couple LOL I loved this episode. How Nick could hear everything and then at the end how he was hitting all that fruit blindfolded. You know him having those worms inside him has given him extra power and I think it’s going to be good to see how they deal with that, especially where Adlind is concerned. How Rosalee without missing a beat just took that eye and mashed it in the medicine. She is so good. And I like how Juliette talked to her and then to see that figure be Nick. That was an excellent turn of events. I never would have thought that. And to think that Renard has both royalty and wessen blood in him. That is another exciting turn of events we learned. His dream with Juliette was so cool. And then there is always Adlind…boy she has a lot up her sleeve especially of who is going to be the baby daddy. Sneaky little bitch. Such a good show.

Grimm ~ 3/15/13

The one thing I don’t understand about this whole show is the first time that Nick and Hank meet those killers in the bar, that none of them realized that Nick was a Grimm. Didn’t make sense to me but when they went to arrest them they did. I must have missed something along the line. I can’t believe what they are doing to Juliette. I wonder what and who is doing this. Of course I missed the very last scene. All I saw was her answer the phone and then those white lights start appearing on the phone so I don’t know what happened after that. It’s the start of a new story line and also I was shocked when Rosalee is now apparently a big wig with the council and I thought it shocking that Renard was in contact with the same people. They are gonna take this show in a new direction. I’m sure that Nick and Hank are going to be still solving crimes but they are going to get us involved more in the underlying theme of this show and it’s going to be very interesting. I loved it when Monroe made those pancakes etc for Nick and he didn’t eat them because of the ingredients. It’s also going to be interesting to see where Renard and Nick take their relationship.

Grimm ~ 3/8/13

Boy have I missed this show and I’m so glad it’s back and I’m so hoping that Nick and Renard get their shit together and get Adalind once and for all. But she is a series regular now but maybe only for the rest of this season. Monroe is still the best. His concern for Nick and the way he acted like a little kid when Rosalee came back was just the best. The show cut off after Nick passed out, and I’m sure Juliette is going to kiss him and reverse the whole potion/curse put on her and Renard so I don’t know what happened when they went back to Renards brother in Europe if that’s where it was going. They showed the building where I think his office is. I like how Nick now knows about Renard and that he is the prince and I wonder if they are ever going to get his brother out of the way. That key is the, pardon the pun, key to the whole thing. Boy Renard sure did get the love juices flowing with both Adalind and almost with Juliette and at least we got to see him change to a hexenbiest. They brought up such good info to help us remember,like that crime that killed the 4 people and Nick’s mom. Good show. It’s going to be very interesting to see now that everyone is going to know, except for poor old Wu. Wonder when they are going to bring him into the secret. Great episode.

Grimm ~ Week of 11/4/12

I loved how they did this episode and the minute the guy started talking about seeing these creatures I knew that the whole story was going to have something to do with Hank and I think they did it perfectly. I can’t wait until next week to see if they pick up with Sean, Juliette and Monroe. His expression when he saw Juliette was priceless. They couldn’t have done that better. I wish Nick would have come clean with her but I think it would have been useless to tell her because she is in some trance. Good old Adlind comes back next week. That should be pretty good.

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Grimm ~ Week of 10/14/12

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Well at least we found out the Captains name is Sean and that he is a Wessen. I love how Adalind met with his brother. They are going to most certainly stir up some trouble for both the Captain and Nick. I thought it was really eerie when he was in the house when Juliette was in the shower. They did it well though I must say. It’s getting better that Hank is being able to pick up when Nick senses that he is dealing with a Wessen. I can’t believe that Monoroe doesn’t know the Captain either. I bet he’s going to figure prominently in figuring out what the Captain is up to. I also really liked how the mother screwed around with the DNA or whatever and made her son be two different types. I thought that was pretty clever actually. Good show again this week.

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Grimm ~ Week of 10/7/12

I was so happy when Nick and Juliette, especially Juliette, in the beginning, remembered him and then to think it was all a dream. That was so not nice to do to us LOL but it was very clever I thought. The Captain is going to have to much to do with Juliette and now that Adlind is back and called him … gonna be very good. I think there is going to be some serious spit swapping with those two and when Juliette was kissing Nick and she then saw the Captain I felt so bad for her. Boy Adlind sure is having the upper hand with this for the moment. I’m so liking that Hank is finding out more and more about Nick and all that goes on and it was great when he Nick told him it was Monoroe that saved his life in the trailer. Maybe we will be getting a lot more back story with Grimm and Nick because of Hank. I really enjoyed the scenes in the trailer. I was more than shocked when the killer turned out to be the little girl and I doubt we have seen the last of her especially now that they have the guard. I liked her look when she turned into her creature. Poor Monroe putting the wrong thing in the potion for that guy. I thought it was hysterical when he went to his apartment and found him and then when he said at least you got your balance. Was soo good. This show is so getting better as we say each week.

Grimm ~ Week of 9/30/12

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This show is just getting better and better every week. I loved it that they brought back Angelina. I was so sad to see her die even though she was a mean bitch and the way that Monroe buried her was just perfect. And what else I really really liked was when Monroe and Hank were together and he showed him exactly what he looked like and explained how sometimes he can see him and other times he can’t. The Captains story continues to get better also and more intriguing. There sure is something going on with and his brother back in Austria or where ever they are from. I’m thinking that he also wants to protect Nick for some reason because he got the chick that wanted to kill Monroe. Now if we only knew what he is going to do with her. Rosalee and Monroe were so good and how they are developing that relationship is real good. They are going slow and it’s so nice to watch them together. Looks like Juliette is going to remember Nick totally next week and I sort of wonder if that cat scratching her is going to make her remember him in a bad/evil way.They back stories they are doing is so making this show much much better.

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Grimm ~ Week of 9/23/12

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Well This is shocking news if you ask me but I’m glad she is:

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