Breaking Bad ~ 8/18/13

The problem with the show this year is it is moving so slow. I loved it when Hank beat Walt to the punch on the phone with Skyler and was glad that Skyler didn’t give in to Hank. I think what shocked her was when Hank told Skyler had cancer. Her scene with Marie was also good and it’s good that the show is not letting Hank arrest Walt because they have no proof yet. All that money as you said was something else. Skyler seems to be still on Walt’s side by telling him they need to be quiet now. Lydia sure was irritated that the meth lab isn’t up to standards. Thanks to good old Todd for killing those guys and I liked when Lydia hid her eyes. I tell you when that crew meets up with Walt it can’t be good. I don’t care what kind of sleazebag Saul is, he’s always had Walt’s back. I liked the old man getting the money as well. Just the way he’s being is so Jesse I think. Good show again but it’s moving so slow. I’m glad you watched Talking Bad. It’s just good to see that after the show.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Bad ~ 8/18/13

  1. I don’t know what it is about the show but this will definitely not be my favorite season. I don’t know if I expected walt and jesse to still be working or what but all this seems like a HUGE letdown. I just cant wrap my head around all that money and cant believe walt buried it in the desert.when I first saw those 2 guys I thought they were thieves but they ended up working for old sleazebag saul.. LOL. and skyler seems so nervous. I was glad she didn’t say anything to the brother in law and don’t know what is going to happen with her sister. that is sort of sad.. I think walt WILL die and why not since this is the last season. jesse is sure quiet and didn’t you love that old geezer picking up all that money off the street that jesse threw away? and those cute shoes (I think they are manolos) that chick wore to the lab.. that was funny and man the dead bodies. I wonder what she is going to do now… hope the show picks up…

  2. TALKING BAD: this is just good to listen to those people talk about the show and I like the little things they talk about each character… like they were going to kill off jesse at the end of the first season but he is such a good actor they kept him. so they wont show any commercials for the next show. only 6 shows left. too bad. great little show to get some different scoop about the show….

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