Boss ~ Week of 9/16/12

I agree with you that the new aide to Tom could be that kid in the car and the woman is the woman in the picture that both he and Tom’s friend have. It seems like it’s all tying in to go that route. I love that we are getting back story about Tom. I was amazed that Tom’s wife wields such power at City Hall. I think that is a bit too much but she is covering for Tom because she likes that power she has. I love the scenes with her dad and Tom when his administration was ending and Tom’s was beginning. I hope we don’t lose Ezra but how they are doing all this is just perfect. You are so right about Kitty and the reporter. They are different than she was with Zajac. So right about the daughter. Great show again.

One thought on “Boss ~ Week of 9/16/12

  1. i was so surprised that mrs kane stepped up to the plate to keep tom from being found out. i have thought she hated him. maybe she does but wants to bring him down in her own time. that daughter is a craphead for sure. i wonder if ezra will be gone now that tom has had those treatments and seems to be better. i love having him around so i will miss him if he is gone….. lol. and kitty and the reporter seem to be getting nice and cozy. she would screw a knothole in the fence if she could. but maybe she will really fall for him. she seems different with him somehow. another good show. oh and i wonder if that kis that took ezras place could be tge kid in the car when tom was telling tgat wonan to get lost?????

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