Boss ~ Week of 10/14/12 (Season Finale)

Now it’s time to put that Season Finale in the title LOL I thought this was a big let down for a season finale. I so wanted Meredith to die for some reason just to make Tom more evil than he already is. They sure seem to be putting him into a corner with this disease. I don’t see how they are ever going to get him out of that except for the fact to have him tell the public and them to accept it. I guess the big news is Kitty coming back to work for Kane and her knowing what’s going on. She is back where she belongs and Ian isn’t to happy with that or the fact that Meredith was named Alderman. It also seems like he and Emma are still going to get it on even though they are brother and sister. I guess if you are half that’s okay LOL. Kane sure did come out of the Ezra murder investigation well and put Sam right out of business but I don’t think that he’s out of the picture yet. I was sort of glad that Jackie didn’t deliver that video of Kane’s disease. Leave that up to Sam to do if you ask me. Anyway not a big cliff hanger. Going to be interesting to see where they go with this next season.

2 thoughts on “Boss ~ Week of 10/14/12 (Season Finale)

  1. good show but sort of slow i thought. tom is hallucinating again nut with that old killer instead of ezra. glad kitty is back. she is so dang nasty… love her lack of inhibitions… sorta fun. and zajac’s wife is back i’m sure. that black chick (gloria?) sure figured everything and sent all that wire back to kane…. she could make life pretty miserable for him next year… and ian is going to want to get even with kane too isnt he? and i hope he and emma are NOT going to do IT anymore now that they know about ian’s baby daddy. lol lol. maybe they will join forces to bring him down. and i thought meredith was a goner too but then thought he has had too much death around him and wouldnt be able to explain it. she isnt well though. she sure looked good with that other guy and seemed to feel well enough to do IT dontcha think??? cant wait for next season. what they are going to do about his illness is beyond me……

    1. You are right about Ian wanting to get even. That’s a very good possibility if you ask me. And yes Meredith did look good I thought. Mona is her name and yes she could be a real problem for Kane. Never thought of that. Kitty was wonderful I thought and I was so glad she didn’t spread her legs for Kane LOL

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