Black Sails ~ 2/15/14

Well I was so glad that Guthrie let us know who Mrs.Barlow really is. What a story that her husband went mad because of the affair she had with Flint. It’s going to be interesting to see if the preacher helps them both out of this and what she does with Guthrie and if she takes him up on his offer. That little snot that threw the mud at her. LOL I was glad that it happened back in that day and age. I felt so bad for Billy when that ship started to fall. He was doing so good as quartermaster up until then and now that Flint went back to Silver to hear what he overheard Billy and the older pirate talking about I think Billy better watch out. I felt bad for the guy that lost his leg. I hope he still is on the show. In his own odd way he added to the show. I bus out laughing that Silver didn’t get that pig cooked. I guess Flint is a cook as well. I loved the dream that Vane had with Eleanor and I’m glad he got himself together enough to not get himself killed with the pimp came looking for Max. Eleanor and Vane must have a deep relationship. And Mr. Scott … Eleanor better watch out. He’s on her father’s side now after their little talk and I’m glad he is because I agree with her father she is on the path to getting herself killed. I was amazed how they got that ship out of the water. I didn’t know they ever did that. Good show.

5 thoughts on “Black Sails ~ 2/15/14

  1. I think this show records later for me than you. It’s not on my list yet. I will check tonite and see what’s up. I am sort of getting tired of the Olympics and am not watching so much. HATE THE HOCKEY !!!!!

  2. IV….. This show was really good. I too was really surprised that they got that boat out of the water to get all th barnacles off. I am assuming they would get it back in the water at high tide. Poor Billy. I felt sorry for him cuz he is trying so hard to be a good quartermaster

    So we finally got the scoop on Mrs Barlow.. I think Guthrie has the hots for her and is going to try to be a better person so she will go to Boston with him. Do people talk about Mrs B .. that must be why she got a spoonful of mud from that scrappy little bastard.. think dad is right about his daughter Eleanor as she is getting in too deep. I can’t believe Scott would turn on her and let that cap’n leave with all those guns she promised flint. She could be in big trouble… Looks like flint is going after them next week. I agree that Eleanor and vane were close.. that was quite the dream. Vane is so strange looking. Sometimes he doesn’t look too ugly but other times he is gross. He came pretty close to getting a knife in the ribs but glad he did get the best of them after all. Max not on much this week but that guy really hit her hard. Every week she is somebody’s punching bag !!!!!! Love the show cookbook much….

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