Black Sails ~ 2/1/14

I know this is only the second episode but it’s getting better already. I guess it takes some time for these shows to hit their stride. First of all I have to say I love the sets on this show. The town and how there are stairs all over the place and so old and rugged, sorta like Virginia City. I just love it and the costumes. It’s so great to see. Well John Silver made himself indispensable. I just hope that he is going to be able to remember it. I knew he was going to burn that when he got to the druggy area and saw the flames. It was a race to the finish as to see who was going to get that paper but old John one upped them. Poor Rackham, loosing all those black pearls when he fell in the ocean. Not only did he have to deal with
Vane about that but he ended up loosing them anyway. I’m sure even though that John has memorized that paper and Flint, Billy and Gates have him, we can’t count out Vane and Rackham. Gonna be good to see the outcome. I felt so bad for Max when Eleanor chose the way that Flint said they could make Nassau over leaving with her. I like the two of them together and I’m anxious to see what happens between the two. That chick that helps Vane saw her leave so I’m sure she isn’t going to get very far away. I’m assuming that is Flint’s wife where he rode to at the end. I was wondering where he was going. Good show.

4 thoughts on “Black Sails ~ 2/1/14

  1. I just realized that I didn’t get this episode. I am going to find it and will watch it this weekend. I am going to be busy with the Olympics too….

  2. EPISODE 2… such a good sho! I so agree with you about the sets, all the stairs, the old look it has… so great. That is like a labyrinth of rooms… I love max and Eleanor together but she had to say no or the show would have no reason to keep going. And that chick did see max trying to leave so she won’t get far. OMG I couldn’t believe those black pearls floating away into the deep when that dude fell into the water. And I didn’t know flint had been wounded and went home to the little woman.I was shocked when he collapsed. Aren’t all the men dirty and smelly looking??? That Billy is one of the tallest and most well-proportioned men I have ever seen. I sure hope John silver has a photographic memory. So look much to memorize in 5 minutes.. at least they won’t be able to kill him until after they torture him for all that info. I will be anxious for Eleanor dad to show up… if ever. Great show…

    1. yeah they all are dirty looking. Smelly I don’t know. LOL I always wonder with shows back in that era if they brushed their teeth. Mr. Guthrie shows up in Episode 3. He is anything but gone. Yeah Billy looks the cleanest out of them all and very fit. I would think more of them would be like that myself.

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