Black Sails ~ 1/25/14

I watched the first episode on line. I sent you the link. If you want to see it early just go to Black Sails You can watch it early. I’m really going to like this. Of course it’s going to take a while to get all the names but I really like Max the prostitute working with, John the supposed cook. The daughter Guthrie is something else and I also like her real well and how she runs the tavern is excellent. There must be some bad blood between her and her father. Time will tell. I loved how Flint threw is wig out of the boat LOL And Billy sure did change his tune about Flint when he said the blank piece of paper was the missing page. So much lying and cheating going on. I bust out laughing when the cook went and saw Blackbeard and when she opened her coat her pussy had that black beard down there LOL How clever that was. Vane seems like he is going to be Flints main competitor since he killed Singleton. I can’t imagine how much this must cost to produce but I really enjoy all the scenery and the sets. Nassau is a beautiful area. This could be just as good as Spartacus.

2 thoughts on “Black Sails ~ 1/25/14

  1. i watched the show and loved it. like you say the scenery is just beautiful. that water is the most gorgeous teal green its unreal looking. my favorite character is the daughter guthrie… she is a great character. i think vane is going to be the boss of the whole thing eventually and i cant remember all the names but love all the nastiness…. some of those guys look so dirty and stinky.. my second favorite is john silver the cook and if they all knew he had that page out of the logbook i think they would make him walk the plank. i wonder if he is “long” john silver???? sorry i dont remember all the names and i crs so i have forgotten a lot but when we get going i will do better. i loved how they are voting for a new captain…. that old black guy with the nine votes is a pretty tough old bird…. i really like this show and cant wait for it to get on weekly…. it is going to be one of my faves…

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