Army Wives ~ Week of 4/22/12

From Zap 2 It ‘Army Wives’ Kellie Martin to reunite with TV mom Patti LuPone

Well I’ve never heard of this chick who plays Nicole either. I was sure when the person that was hit it was going to be Trevor and was shocked when it was Nicole. I liked it at the end when Charlie show up to greet them. Thank goodness for the end of Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. That sure was the shortest deployment that I’ve ever seen. Tanya, is her name, and I can’t believe how the doctor treats her. I don’t think we are done with them yet however. I like Cruz’s girlfriend and her and Roxy are two peas in a pod. I’m hoping that she isn’t still lying about the way she feels about Cruz. Poor Min-ji. I thought they handled her death very well. Having the german lady speak up against those bitches. I wish they would make her a regular on the show. Then the services and Roxy’s tribute. I thought it was very well done. It was so true what Joan said in the end that there were no casualties except for a housewife on base. Sad. I’m not enjoying the show this year as much as I have I have to say. It’s too dark. I miss CJ and hope that in real life she is okay and that they are not punishing her with the story line she’s in. It’s been very dark this season. I don’t like, and for the life of me I can’t remember he name, the general’s wife that pops pills. Denise is odd. No Pam. Too many new faces all of a sudden maybe. I dunno. It’s just not as good as it was.

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  1. That nicole has quite an acting career behind her doesnt she. I dont think i have ever seen her before. I like the storyline of her and charlie. They were good at the end. Still no cj… guess rehab is taking longer than they originally thought huh?????? I think the show is just as good without her. Roxy seems to be very front and center and i just love her … poor minjee. She bit the dust. Loved the german lady dressing down those snotty women in the frg. They are so nasty. And i felt sorry for the girlbwho was involved with denises son (cant remember her name) with the officer doctor and no matter what he says they arent done with each other yet…. good show and how long beforevthe pill popper gets caught???? Lol

  2. i have to so agree with you about how dark the show is. How many years has it been on now? Maybe its like desperate housewives and grays anatomy just getting old and has run its course.

    1. This is it’s 6th season. You might be right it’s getting old like those others.

      Sounds like Army Wives is going to get intense:

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