America’s Got Talent ~ Week of 8/12/12

From AGTNEWS News: Will Howard Stern Confront Sharon Osbourne On Live TV?

Tell me this ain’t going to happen:

From AGTNEWS Rumor: Kris Jenner To Replace Sharon Osbourne On ‘AGT’?

I cannot stand the You Tube portion of this show and last night’s episode proved why. The talent is usually horrible and it was the worst I’ve ever seen. Thank goodness for Academy of Villans. They saved the show and I think they could be real contenders. They are definitely going through. The other three are Clint and Kitten, have they never heard of homing pigeons? but oh well, Bria Kelly and I don’t think her voice is all that good but I’m putting her through and lastly this is a toss up between Puck and Eric Buss…so I’m going to put Puck through. It was just horrible last night. I was so hoping that Howard to question Sharon about her leaving but I guess he 1. either got told not to do it or 2. chickened out, which I highly doubt.

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