America’s Got Talent ~ Week of 6/3/12

Tim Poe was the audition of the night and I’m rooting for him to go very far in this competition. I really liked his back story but more I like his singing, his voice, and that smile of his is infectious. I had tears in my eyes with him last night and he has been by far one of the best. Right up there last night for me was Sebastian Cruz the young little mariachi singer. What a talent he’s got. I really enjoyed his act. Edon was another one of my favorites last night. That little boy can sign and I tell you. Joe Castillo and that sand painting/drawing he does was awesome. I can’t wait to see what he does next. I could care less about the human cannon ball. That does nothing for me. The Bandbaz Brothers were real good. I thought they were going to lose it there a couple of times. Pretty damn good. Lulu just killed me and then when Nick came out with that green tape as a bra on I just bust out laughing. He is so funny. I loved that. Good show.

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4 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent ~ Week of 6/3/12

  1. I agree with you TOTALLY about tim poe. He has a decent voice but his story brought tears to my eyes too. Glad he’s going to vegas. That darling little mariachi player is so cute. I think he will go far in his life. I was trying to imagine that cannonball guy if he won the contest. Can you just see him hitting the ceiling in a vegas showroom???? Now that would be worth a million… that fat girl on the pole was sickening but nick was so damn funny….the sand artist was good but vegas???? No! Pretty good show and how nice that its only an hour….

    1. I disagree with you about the sand artist. I would pay to watch him. Tim I thought has an excellent voice. I think he’s going to go real far in this show. Hell with the cannon ball. I wouldn’t pay 1 penny to watch him.

  2. TUESDAY: that stupid howie mandell not thinking eric and olivia were ready to go to vegas.. too loungy!! That girl has a grest voice and he was good too. Howie will want to send someone with birds hanging all over them to vegas and turn down those two… what an ass!!! So funny that girl got lockjaw. That was a screech. And that fat dude in the bathrobe..yuck..i liked those light drawers too. They were good and that shitty cranky old scruffy opera singer saying howard was rude… that was funny and howard was just telling it like it was. And every year they have those big headed blow up dolls and i cant stand that mind reader was something else… liked the girl who sang moon river… Omg… that goth opera singer who sounds like a girl is really good. Glad the poor little guy gets to go to vegas… good show

    1. I totally agree with Howie about Erica and Olivia. It just isn’t big enough and I can totally picture them singing in a lounge. But they moved on and I think they need to step it up a bit. I really enjoyed Aurora Light Painters. It’s so different and I think they could do so much with it. I didn’t like the girl that sang Moon River at all. Crappy voice. The Doppleganger Circus Sideshow was just stupid. We all laugh when she got lock jaw LOL Too Fuuny. Andrew De Leon was the act of the night. Kamu said you watch him sing opera. and sure enough. He was excellent and I’m anxious to see if that’s all he sings or has different genres he can do. Was very good. The other act of the night was the mind reader, Eric Dittelman. That was totally amazing how he did that and I can’t wait to see more of him.

      Of course there has to be bad news for Tim Poe:

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      It’s not looking good for Tim Poe and if that ass is a fraud I’m going to be so mad:

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      He is so full of bullshit:

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