All My Children ~ Week of 8/26/13

I so agree with you. Boring Boring Boring. I can’t stand the chick that AJ goes with first and then Celia. They are ruining Petey big time and sure missing the boat with him and Colby. I think that they would be one of the best couples in a long time. I loved what she and Opal looked like when they did that skunk and I was so hoping they would do something worse on the date. But I guess not. Dr. Andres I think must have lost that girl in the photo either died or like you say broke up and did you notice she looks like Ditzy. Bring on TMOW as soon as those two get the love juices flowing. Same with Kendall when Zach and Lea get it on. It’s a good thing that Jesse has Zach. They need to get him stable and I’m sure season two is going to be him getting the Russian. We shall see. I was so pissed off when Oliver didn’t see Cara standing right over there.  I couldn’t believe it. I just love David and I so want him to bring the shrimp down to his knees more than he already has. Both of those two haven’t changed their spots at all. Back to Petey and Celia. I thought they should have focused on the boat. They both looked so cute starting the date and it was one big dud! I’m glad it’s ending next week for a while. It’s a chore to watch LOL BTW just this morning I got an email from TOLN and there is no mention when it picks back up. Let’s hope not until next year LOL

3 thoughts on “All My Children ~ Week of 8/26/13

  1. I thought the shows were sort of boring for the most part this week. the first thing is that that chick who plays celia is the worst actress I have EVER seen in my whole life and she ruins the relationship she has with petey something awful. she wears the dumbest clothes too. that stupid white dress she had on looked like it should be on a 12 year old girl. I think they want her to look virginal and they just make her look stupid. she doesn’t even kiss that hunky petey right. loved opal and Colby putting the skunk in the room and having it spray her. jr is such an ass and has cara in a bad place. leave to him to use her telling him something in confidence and blackmail her into getting him steroids. and poor little Miranda. she is so lonely and I am glad she has Zach to talk to at least. and that chick that aj is fooling around with is my 2nd least fave after celia. I HATE her voice. jesse is sort of lost right now because he is lashing out at a lot of people and that’s too bad. I think Zach is going to get the love juices flowing with leah and THEN we may finally see kendall come back. I don’t know if you watched more but the kid who plays aj just got engaged and is going to get married in TX.. so next week is the finale and I hope its more interesting than this weeks shows. I wonder how long they will be on hiatus? oh and I cant figure out whats up with dr anders other than he must have had a big breakup with the girl whose picture is on his camera… I think ditzy would like to get the love juices flowing with him…. we’ll see….

  2. I have to comment on a couple of things you talked about that I forgot. I was DUMBFOUNDED with cara standing there right within sight of her SON and he never saw her. that is beyond stupid and an insult to our intelligence. and yes I thought too that petey and miss icky looked cute when they got ready for their date with them both in white pants and those striped shirts… it went downhill from there that’s for sure. LOL LOL

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