All My Children ~ Week of 8/19/13

Well I can’t wait to see what Opal and Colby hatch up to ruin Celia and Petey’s date. Hopefully it will be good. More screaming at the Chandler Manse but I thought that AJ was totally right and I’m glad that they brought up major league baseball. And then at least Dr. Joe found out and told Cara about the shrimp’s usage of her prescription pad and I’m glad she brought that up to him. I hope she stands her ground and doesn’t do anything with him. Of course they are keeping Cara away from Cara so he doesn’t blurt out Mama in front of David. I bet that’s going to be in the season ender. Another downer for the shrimp was Brooke. She put him in his place and he still doesn’t get that no one is out to get him, except I think Dimbo screwed up the presentation of his. I was glad that Brooke didn’t go for his pass at her and that she gave back the necklace. Makes you think that people still do right. Ditzy hopefully will get out who is haunting Celia. I can’t stand that wench (Celia that is) and I hope we finally find out who it is. Were better episodes this week.

2 thoughts on “All My Children ~ Week of 8/19/13

  1. I think david wrecked jrs demo. they hate each other and I think david would leave no stone unturned to make that fricking shrimp look like as ass… which the shrimp was doing a pretty good job of that all by himself. I felt sorry for brooke being lambasted by that jerk but both jr and Colby are out to get brooke so she better watch out. I like dimbo and I thought it was nice for him to get her that necklace but she did the right thing giving it back. I don’t think adam is long for the show and eventually I think brooke will get with dimbo. god knows what jr will do with the info that he has about the necklace. I don’t know who that guy is that is haunting that stupid celia. I never saw him before that I know of. I hope that ditzy is going to get to the bottom of it but who knows? and that celia has the worst posture I have ever seen. its awful and makes me like her even less than I thought I did. cant wait to see what Colby and opal will cook up but it will probably be pretty good. I couldn’t tell what visions opal was having but it looked downright ugly so whatever vibe opal has is going to be a bad omen ….. you are so right about cara having to stay away from oliver when he is with david so he doesn’t say mommy mommy… and david is a sap with that kid. only 2 more weeks before the season is over. I hope a lot will happen in the next 2 weeks to stir things up. I thought the gala at chandler was a bust myself…. love the show tho and am so glad its on….

    1. You could be right about it being David and that tape but who knows. I still think that Billy Clyde is the benefactor and Celia is just having visions of someone cuz she doesn’t know who it is. And with Ditzy taking an interest in this it even makes it more thinkable to me that it’s him.

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